Labeled databases for object detection

List compiled by Kevin Murphy
with contributions from David Lowe, Peter Carbonetto, Robert Sim.
Last updated 2 September 2005.

Generic classes

Name Objects Background Annotation #ex per class
LabelMe ~500 categories (indoor and outdoor objects) ~3000 labeled natural images Bounding polygons 50-500
MIT-CSAIL 107 categories (indoor and outdoor objects) Natural images Bounding polygons ~200
UIUC carSide Side views of cars Natural images Bounding boxes ~500
ETHZ Motorbikes, cars, cows Natural images Bboxes + seg masks ~100
Graz 02 Bicycles, cars, cows, pedestirans Natural images Segmentation masks ~300
Caltech Planes, motorbikes, faces, cars. Close up photos Bounding boxes 500-1000
Caltech 101 101 categories Close up photos None ~50-200
Pascal Cows, bicycles, people, etc. (meta site) Natural images Various Various
Wiry Objects (CMU) Chairs, bicycles, etc. Natural images Labeled edges ~100
UW 100s Natural images Captions ?
UBC 10s Corel segmented with Ncuts Captions ?
MIT-CBCL Frontal faces, cars, pedestrians None Isolated patches ~800
NORB (NYU) Toy cars, animals, etc (many angles) Synthetic cluttered backgrounds Isolated patches ~10
CMU/MIT frontal faces Frontal faces None Isolated patches ~1000
Frischholz Frontal faces (meta site) None Isolated patches ?

Specific instances of objects

Name Objects Background Annotation #ex per class
COIL 100 (Columbia) Highly colored man-made objects None Isolated patches 1
SOIL-47 (Surrey) 24 cereal-box-like objects in color None Isolated patches 1
ETH-80 8 classes, 10 instances per class, 41 views per instance None Isolated patches 10*41
UIUC Ponce Various (meta site) - - -