The following assumes you have already installed Tortoise CVS ( ), or are using your own CVS client. You will also require a Computer Science department graduate account.

1) Download a copy of PuTTY if you don't have one already (its my favorite SSH client and recommended in this case) : (choose PuTTY.exe)

2) launch PuTTY (no need to install anything).
      - set host name to :
      - set port to : 22 (or just select SSH)
      - give the session a name under saved sessions (I called mine
      - click save

3) connect to the remote server and accept the server certificate (you only need to do this once).

4) Make sure you can log in OK.

5) Close the PuTTY window. Your done with this part.

6) Navigate to where you want the files

7) right click and choose Checkout Module (Using tortoise CVS)

8) Configure Tortoise as follows :
      - Protocol : Secure shell (:ext:) <--- this is important, not Secure Shell(:ssh:)
      - Server : The name you gave the session in PuTTY ( in my case)
      - Repository folder : /ai/murphyk/cvsroot
      - username : Just enter your username
      - module name : detectorUBC

9) click OK, and your done. Once this is set up you should not have to do it again, and it only prompts for your password once.

You will also need to check out a copy of JMRtools following the same process (beginning with step(7) ), except replace the module name detectorUBC with JMRtools.

Please send errors or omissions to : talis (at) cs (dot) ubc (dot) ca