CS 540 Term 2 projects

Person Project
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Alimi, Parnina Online EM algorithm of Cappe and Moulines and Liang and Klein
Brown, Cody Infer.net
Buchman, David 3-way RBMs for images and captions
Chen, Xun Indoor localisation using RFID and GPs
Chia, John Sparse multitask learning for conjoint analysis
Ding, Kai O(T log T) space inference in HMMs
Ding, Jiarui Hidden semi-Markov models
Hastings, Simon Adding elastic net distortions to the myCNN Matlab code and testing on MNIST
Huang, Yi MCMC for elastic net
Joty, Shafiq and Ruby, Rukhhsana Topic models and word sense disambiguation
Kao, Hai-Fen and Guo, Zhenyu Structural pattern recognition
Karpathy, Andrej Porting RBM code to PMTK, and comparing to classification using standard features on tiny images
Knoll, Byron Hierarchical extension of PPM (Prediction by Partial Matching) lossless compression scheme
Murty, Krishna Over-relaxed EM and triple-jump EM
Roozbehani, Hajir Online inference of states and parameters in a distributed nonlinear system for traffic navigation
Roth, A. and Bretschneider, H. VB for MixStudents for flow cytometry challenge
Tseng, K-C and Suyadi, Simon Marginal likelihood for discrete DAGs with hidden variables, using Cheeseman-Stutz and VB approximations
Vanetti, Paul Impelement the particle MCMC paper