Errata in MLAPPA

A book this large inevitably has errors, for which I apologize in advance. (This was exacerbated by the need to publish before I had time to proofread the whole book thoroughly...) However, I hope to rely on you, dear reader, to help crowd-source the debugging process :) The fourth printing (due about September 2013) fixes all the issues reported during the first year of publication (about 250 typos, plus a few (~10) more serious mathematical errors).

Unfortunately, page numbers are not stable across print editions (due to slight formatting changes), although section numbers, equation numbers, and figure numbers are. (You can tell which printing you have as follows: Check the inside cover, below the "Library of Congress" information. If it says "10 9 8 ... 1" you've got the first print run. If it says "10 9 8 ... 2" you've got the second, etc.) So when citing something in the book, it is better to say "See section X" rather than "See page Y".