Source Code Comprehension Tools:


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Table of Contents

Source Code Comprehension Tools:

What Tools Are you Using?

Source Code Comprehension Tools

Basic Idea

Software Structure

Some Structural Relations

An Example

Mosaic Source Code

Some Initial Analysis

Cross-Reference Tools

Using a Cross-Reference Tool

Continue to Query...

Query Other Relations

Visual C++ Query

Critique of Cross-Ref Tools


Software Visualization (SV) Tools

Abstract View of Software Visualizers

Calls between Directories...

Calls between Files...

Expand One File...

3-D Visualization (Imagix)

Build Dependences (Imagix)

Critique of SV Tools

Critique of SV Tools...

Reverse Engineering (RE) Tools

Abstract View of Reverse Engineering Tools

Mosaic in Rigi

Starting Point

Critique of RE Tools

RE Critique...

Design Conformance Tools

Software Reflexion Models

Software Reflexion Models

Software Reflexion Models...

The Mapping Used for Mosaic

Software Reflexion Model Critique

Do These Tools Work?

Other Tools for Source Code Comprehension

Which Tool Would you Use?

Author: Gail Murphy


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These pages are the slides used in a CPSC 319 lecture on March 18, 1997.