Scene Modelling, Recognition and Tracking with Invariant Image Features

Iryna Gordon and David G. Lowe

We present a complete system architecture for fully automated markerless augmented reality (AR). The system constructs a sparse metric model of the real-world environment, provides interactive means for specifying the pose of a virtual object, and performs model-based camera tracking with visually pleasing augmentation results. Our approach does not require camera pre-calibration, prior knowledge of scene geometry, manual initialization of the tracker or placement of special markers. Robust tracking in the presence of occlusions and scene changes is achieved by using highly distinctive natural features to establish image correspondences.


Iryna Gordon and David G. Lowe, "What and where: 3D object recognition with accurate pose," in Toward Category-Level Object Recognition, eds. J. Ponce, M. Hebert, C. Schmid, and A. Zisserman, (Springer-Verlag, 2006), pp. 67-82. [PDF];

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Tracking a Book (AVI format, 5.98 MB)

Tracking a Mug (AVI format, 3.54 MB)

Tracking a Library Entrance (AVI format, 4.26 MB)

Tracking a Table Scene (AVI format, 5.75 MB)

M.Sc. Thesis

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