The software covered in this book can be obtained from your instructor, or via Internet ftp. To obtain a copy via the Internet, you will require an Internet connection, and appropriate software. This discussion assumes you are using a character-based ftp program.

The file, a zip file containing all three components of the software: a free Windows version of Scheme, winscm, the lab code, "goodies", and the code mentioned in the book chapters. When unpacking the file, use ``pkunzip -d'' to ensure that the correct directory structure is duplicated on your machine. Read the file ``'' to find out how to set it up on your PC.

ALSO: When installing Scheme in a drive other than 'C', after changing the paths in the file "winscm.ini" from 'C' to the alternate drive (under the heading [environment]) one must also change the paths at the end of the file "init.scm" (Scheme initialization file).

How to print on a PC:
1) For .scm files, write them out. and then use NotePad, which can print them.

2) For drawings, use PrtSc, a key on the PC, to save it to the ClipBoard. Then use Paint. Select Edit|Paste. Then print the resulting picture.

3) for dialogs, use (transcript-on "C:\\temp\\dialog") and then use (transcript-off) to terminate. Then use NotePad as above.

Note: there is a bug in SCM. If the filename in transcript-on is invalid, no transcript will be saved and no error message will appear. Beware of single backslashes!

If you want to download the individual elements of the software, the Software Package consists of three files:

There is also a file !Readme, with late-breaking information about the software.