CPSC 425 Computer Vision - Winter 2020/21

Term 2 (January – April, 2019)

Course Description

Computer vision, broadly speaking, is a research field aimed to enable computers to process and interpret visual data, as sighted humans can. It is one of the most exciting areas of research in computing science and among the fastest growing technologies in today’s industry. This course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of computer vision (see topics).

Prerequisite: All of MATH 200, MATH 221 and either (a) CPSC 221 or (b) all of CPSC 260, EECE 320.


Instructor: Jim Little (little [at] cs.ubc.ca).
Classes; MWF 1200-1250 online
Office hours:
Tuesdays 4pm (Zoom through Canvas)
or by appointment

TA: Kalli Leung (kalli.leung [at] alumni.ubc.ca)
Office hours: Monday 4-5pm (Zoom through Canvas)
TA: Gabriel Huang (gabrie20 [at] cs.ubc.ca)
Office hours: Wednesday 7-8pm (Zoom through Canvas)
TA: Ariel Shann (shannari [at] cs.ubc.ca)
Office hours: Thursday 5-6pm (Zoom through Canvas)
TA: Wonho Bae (whbae [at] cs.ubc.ca)
Office hours: Friday 6pm (Zoom through Canvas)
TA: Rayat Hossain (rayat137 [at] cs.ubc.ca)
Office hours: as needed


Here is a rough schedule and tentative list of topics and readings (subject to change).

Important Dates

First Day of Classes 11 January (Monday)
Add/Drop Deadline 22 January (Friday)
Drop with W Deadline 12 March October (Friday)
Midterm Exam March 5 in class (see below)
Last Day of Classes 14 April (Friday)
Final Exam Tentative: 830am April 24; consult exam for official time


The midterm will be an in-class, closed-book exam lasting 50 minutes. We will use the Lockdown Browser in Canvas. Download and install the browser before starting the exam. The midterm will be available between 1200pm and 1250pm.


The final exam will be an closed-book exam lasting 2.5 hours. We will use the Lockdown Browser in Canvas. Download and install the browser before starting the exam. The midterm will be available between 830am and 1100am on April 24th.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 4:00pm-450pm, DMP ???
We will post the lecture materials here.

Week 1
Jan. 11 Introduction Lecture 1
Jan. 13 Image Formation Lecture 2
Jan. 15 Image Formation Lecture 3
Week 2
Jan. 18 Image Filtering Lecture 4
Jan. 20 Image Filtering Lecture 5
Jan. 22 Image Filtering Lecture 6
Week 3
Jan. 25 Sampling Lecture 7
Jan. 27 Sampling Lecture 8
Jan. 29 Scaled Representations Lecture 9
Week 4
Feb. 1 Local Image Features Lecture 10
Feb. 3 Local Image Features Lecture 11
Feb. 5 Edges/Boundaries Lecture 11b
Week 5
Feb. 8 Corners Lecture 12
Feb. 10 Corners, Harris, Scale Lecture 14
Feb. 12 Textures Lecture 15 about Asst. 2 Lecture 15
Week 6
Feb. 22 Texture Analysis Lecture 16
Feb. 24 Colour Lecture 17
Feb. 26 Colour (cont) and Local Image Features SIFT Lecture 18
Week 7
Mar. 1 SIFT (cont) Lecture 19
Mar. 3 Object Detection Lecture 20
Mar. 5 Midterm
Week 8
Mar. 8 Hough Transform - Model Fitting Lecture 21
Mar. 10 Hough Transform Applications Lecture 22
Mar. 12 Stereo Lecture 23
Week 9
Mar. 15 Stereo (cont), Optical Flow Lecture 23 cont.
Mar. 17 Optical Flow Lecture 24
Mar. 19 Optical Flow, Classification Lecture 25
Week 10
Mar. 22 Classsification (cont), Image Classification Lecture 25cont
Mar. 24 Classification Lecture 26
Mar. 26 Classification Lecture 27
Week 11
Mar. 29 Object Detection Lecture 28
Mar. 31 NNs Lecture 29
Week 12
Apr. 7 CNNs Lecture 30
Apr. 9 CNNs Lecture 31 See Piazza regarding recording of Lecture 31. Having Canvas problems
Week 13
Apr. 12 CNNs Lecture 32
Apr. 14 Groupings Lecture 33


Piazza group
- Please use this link to enroll yourself.


There are SEVEN assignments given throughout the term. The first is a self-study tutorial introduction to Python for computer vision (that is not marked). The other six are handed in to be marked. Information about assignments will appear in Canvas.

Assignment due dates for future assignments are tentative.

Assignment 0 No due date (but try to complete it by Jan. 18)
Assignment 1 Due 1159pm Friday Jan. 29
Assignment 2 Due 1159pm Friday Feb. 12
Assignment 3 Due 1159pm Monday Mar. 1
Assignment 4 Due 1159pm Friday Mar. 19
Assignment 5 Due 1159pm Wednesday Mar. 31 EXTENDED to Thurs. Apr. 1
Assignment 6 Due 1159pm Wednesday Apr. 14


There will be one midterm and one final exam (see important dates)

Grading Scheme

Information about grading is in Canvas.


The course uses the following textbook, which is recommended (but not required):

Another useful textbook (which can be downloaded from http://szeliski.org/Book/) is:

Here is another one which can also be freely downloaded as a PDF from SpringerLink, through UBC Library (must login using CWL).

Interesting Links

Interesting links

Course Policies

UBC Policies

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