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Take a look at my world coverage with regard to grad students and postdocs.


I'm always looking for great students and postdocs in Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data management, and Social Networks & Media and Recommender Systems. 

Doctoral Students

  • Prithu Banerjee.
  • Pei Lee. Previous degree: BSc, MSc, Renmin University, China.
  • Sharan Vaswani. Previous degree: B. Tech. BITS, Pilani, India.
  • Glenn Bevilacqua. Previous Degree. BSc, UBC.

Master's Students

Ritika Jain. Previous Degree:

Glenn Bevilacqua. PhD Track. Previous degree: BSc, UBC. --> Transferred to PhD! 

Undergrad Students

Former Students 

Mohammad Khabbaz Tajer, PhD program, 2008-2012. discontinued.

Former Postdocs

  • Xin Huang.
  • Mohsen Jamali. 2012-2013. Previous degree: PhD, Simon Fraser. University. First Employment: Walmart Labs. Current Employment: LinkedIn.
  • Rui Chen. 2012-2013. Previous degree; PhD, Concordia University. First Employment: Hong Kong Baptist University. 
  • Solmaz Kolahi. 2007-2010. Previous degrees: BSc, Sharif U. Of Tech., Iran, MSc & PhD, U. of Toronto. Current Employment: Oracle Corp. 
  • Ganesh Ramesh (joint with Raymond Ng). 2003-2005. Previous degrees: PhD, Univ. at Albany, SUNY. First Employment: Amazon. Current Employment: LinkedIn.
  • Fangqing Dong (at Concordia). 1992-94. First Employment: Seville Corp.


Doctoral Students

Wei LuFebruary 2015. Previous degree: BSc, Dual degree from Zhejiang U., China and Simon Fraser Univ. (Transferred from MSc, Jan. 2012.) First Employment: LinkedIn.

Min Xie. February 2014. Previous degree: BSc, MSc, Renmin University, China. First Employment: Walmart Labs.

Amit Goyal. February 2013. Previous degree: B.Tech., IIT – Bombay. First Employment: Twitter. Current Employment: Google. 

Hui (Wendy) Wang. December 2007. Previous degrees: BSc, Wuhan U., China, MSc, UBC. First Employment: Assistant Professor, Stevens Inst. of Tech., NJ.
Shaofeng Bu (joint with Raymond Ng). Previous degrees: First Employment: Microsoft

Masters Students

Sampoorna Biswas. January 2017. Previous Degree: BSc. IIIT Delhi.

Yidan Liu. April 2016. Previous degree: BSc. Beijing Institute of Technology. China. 

Shanshan Chen. May 2015. Previous degree: BSc, Renmin University, China.  Current Employment: Google.

Sharan Vaswani. May 2015. Previous degree: B. Tech. BITS, Pilani, India.

Vignesh Shankaranarayanan. April 2014. Previous degree: BE, Anna University, Chennai.

Naresh Kumar Kolluju. 2013. Previous degree: B.Tech., IIT – Bombay. First Employment: WurdlTech. Current Employment: Amazon.

Shailendra Agarwal Kolluju. 2013. Previous degree: B.Tech., IIT – Guwahati. First Employment: Amazon. 

Xueyao (Sophia) Liang. Previous degree: BSc, Zhejiang U., China.
Tianyu Li. Previous degree: BSc, Zhejiang U., China.

Ali Moosavi (joint with Rachel Pottinger). Previous degree: BSc, Sharif U. Of Tech., Iran. First Employment: Software Contractor for SAP.
Pooya Esfandiar. Previous degree: BSc, Sharif U. Of Tech., Iran. First Employment:
Roman Yarovoy. First Employment: MDA Corp..
Zeinab Abbassi. Previous degree: BSc, Sharif U. Of Tech., Iran. Current position: PhD Student. Columbia U.
Ying Su. Previous degree: BSc, Tsinghua University, China. First Employment: Microsoft.
Shuan Wang (joint with Rachel Pottinger). June 2007. First Employment: Microsoft.
Zheng (Jessica) Zhao. June 2005. First Employment: Amazon.
Bertrand Low. June 2007. First Employment: Ericsson R & D.
Terence Ho. June 2008. employed in Hong Kong.
Elaine Chang. June 2005. First Employment: Microsoft.
Ruth Zhang (Joint with Ruben Zamar, Dept. of Stat.). July 2004. First Employment: Statistics Canada.
Zhimin Chen. January 2004. Currently at Microsoft Research.
Yan (Maryann) Zhao. December 2003. First employment: Moneris.

Undergrad Students

Graduated from Concordia

Doctoral Students

Hasan M. Jamil, Graduated March 1996. First employment: Mississippi State University. Current employment: Associate Professor, Wayne State University.

Iyer N. Subramanian Graduated April 1997. First employment: IBM Almaden Research Center Second employment: Tavant Technologies. Current employment: Facebook.

Nematollaah Shiri Graduated August 1997. Current employment: Associate Professor, Concordia University.

Master's Students

Chi-Hang Yim. March 1991. First employment: DHL Courier, Hong Kong.

Daniel A. Nonen. September 1993. First employment: CAE, Montreal.

Heather J. Johnstone. July 1994. First empoyment: Nortel, Ottawa.

Karima A. Ashraf. March 1996. First Employment: Nortel, Ottawa. Current Employment: GenBand.

Andrews Alanoly. December 1997. First employment: Planmatics, Montreal.

Ioana M. Ursu. NSERC Graduate Fellow, 1996-98. Intern, IBM Almaden Research Center, August 1998-January 1999. Graduated November 1999. First Employment: IBM Santa Teresa Lab, San Jose, CA.

Frederic Gingras. J.W. McConnell Memorial Fellow, 1996-98. Visiting Student, AT&T Labs, Research, Florham Park, NJ, January-April 1998. Graduated December 1999. First Employment: Bell Canada.

(Hong) Xiaohong Wang. Graduated May 2000.

Graduated from IIT - Bombay (Masters).

K. Satyanarayana Rao. January 2001.

P. Sailaja. April 2001. First Employment: Sun Microsystems, Bangalore, India.