CPSC 504: (Frontiers of) Data Management (and Mining)

                   Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, September 2011.


Meeting Schedule:

Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30--5:00 pm, FSC 1002.

Intended Audience:

CPSC 504 is a graduate seminar on database research. It will not focus on how to use a database system or on how a database system works. As such, it is intended as a "breadh" course that is meant to satisfy comprehensive requirements in the DMM area for PhD students, regardless of thesis focus. The course is also open to MSc students and to MSS students regardles of prior background. I will cover a few basics in the first week.

Course Objectives:

·       Provide an overview of key problems, concepts and techniques in data management (and mining).

·       Provide an appreciation for some of the intellectual and fun aspects of DMM technologies.

·       What are some of the accomplishments in this field?

·       Where is the field going?

·       What are some of the cool research topics in this field?


·       Seminar Course.

·       A few introductory/overview level lectures from me.

·       A series of paper presentations, critiques, discussions, and analyses from you.

·       I will:

o   provide list of papers to read.

o   provide hints on how to read, critique, and analyze.

o   occasionally, present topics/papers.

o   provide feedback on your plans/slides (come talk to me!).

·       Folks other than presenter should also read ahead the paper.

·       Discussion leader acts as facilitator. Steers discussion.

·       Questions on paper to be emailed to me by everybody – {Presenter, Discussion Leader} by 5 pm the day before the presentation.

·       We'll use a course facebook group if it works well.

·       ·  Presenter & Discussion Leader to answer questions as much as possible. Others invited to answer as well.

·       Everyone should present paper(s) and lead the discussion on paper(s)  someone else presents.

·       Presenter to make a case for why the paper has merit and articulate value. What was missed by the authors or wasn’t addressed well by them.

o   Not a “straight” linear presentation.

o   Should be a critique.

o   Should get people excited/thinking about the paper.

o   Not too superficial and not too dragging through the mud.

·       Some suggested ideas for Projects.

·       Project Deliverables, Deadlines, and Guidelines.

Marking Scheme:

o   Paper presentation/Discussion Leadership: 25%.

o   Posting Discussion Questions: 25%. (Stuff you email me.)

o   Class participation: 10%.

o   Homework: 10%.

o   Project – implementation or paper: 30%.


Click here for a list of topics/papers along with a schedule "schema". You should let me know by Friday, September 16, 2011, 5 pm which papers you will present and which discussion you will lead.


Some Guidelines:

Some guidelines for preparing for paper presentations and for leading discussions may be found here.


Evaluation of Talks:

Here are the criteria based on which I will evaluation presentations and discussion leadership. Here is some information on project talks.