CPSC 504: (Frontiers of) Data Management (and Mining)

                   Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, September 2007.


Course Objectives:

·       Provide an overview of key problems, concepts and techniques in data management (and mining).

·       Provide an appreciation for some of the intellectual and fun aspects of DMM technologies.

·       What are some of the accomplishments in this field?

·       Where is the field going?

·       What are some of the cool research topics in this field?


·       Seminar Course.

·       A few introductory/overview level lectures from me.

·       A series of paper presentations, critiques, discussions, and analyses from you.

·       I will:

o      provide list of papers to read.

o      provide hints on how to read, critique, and analyze.

o      occasionally, present topics/papers.

o      provide feedback on your plans/slides (come talk to me!).

·       Folks other than presenter should also read ahead the paper.

·       Discussion leader acts as facilitator. Steers discussion.

·       Questions on paper to be emailed to me by everybody – {Presenter, Discussion Leader} by 5 pm the day before the presentation.

·       We'll use a course facebook group if it works well.

  • ·       Presenter & Discussion Leader to answer questions as much as possible. Others invited to answer as well.

    ·       Everyone should present paper(s) and lead the discussion on paper(s)  someone else presents.

    ·       Presenter to make a case for why the paper has merit and articulate value. What was missed by the authors or wasn’t addressed well by them.

    o      Not a “straight” linear presentation.

    o      Should be a critique.

    o      Should get people excited/thinking about the paper.

    o      Not too superficial and not too dragging through the mud.

    ·       Some suggested ideas for Projects.

    ·       Project Deliverables, Deadlines, and Guidelines.

    Marking Scheme:

    o      Paper presentation/Discussion Leadership: 25%.

    o      Posting Discussion Questions: 25%. (Stuff you email me.)

    o      Class participation: 10%.

    o      Homework: 10%.

    o      Project – implementation or paper: 30%.


    Click here for a schedule of topics. You should let me know by Friday, September 14, 2007 , 5 pm which papers you will present and which discussion you will lead.


    Some Guidelines:

    Some guidelines for preparing for paper presentations and for leading discussions may be found here.


    Evaluation of Talks:

    Here are the criteria based on which I will evaluation presentations and discussion leadership. Here is some information on project talks.