CS 534B

CS 534B Topics in Databases -- Information Integration

Fall 2005

Instructor: Laks V S Lakshmanan
  • Overview
  • Review of FOL
  • Review of RA, DRC, TRC; brief overview of Datalog
  • Containment and equivalence of queries:
  • conjunctive queries and their extensions with constants and union.
  • CQs with negation.
  • CQs with arithmetic predicates (i.e., order).
  • CQs with both negation and arithmetic predicates.
  • The techniques for these query classes will be mostly discussed in class. The Levy-Sagiv test is explained in the following papers (obtainable from DBLP or citeseer).

    A. Levy and Y. Sagiv Queries independent of update. VLDB 1993.

    J.D. Ullman. Information integration using logical views. TCS 2000.

    The following paper presents an alternative method for containment checking for CQs with negation, and sometimes has a better performance.

    Containment of Conjunctive Queries with Safe Negation (ICDT 2003). Fang Wei, Georg Lausen.

  • The following Masters thesis by Zheng Zhang UofT, explores a related question in the context of access control. Authorization Views and Conditional Query Containment. You can grab it from citeseer.

  • Intro. to Information Integration -- LAV and GAV models.
  • Query Answering using Views.

    The paper Alon Y. Halevy. Answering queries using views: a survey. VLDB Jl. 2001, is an excellent survey on the topic.

  • Query Answering using Views -- The miniCon algorithm.
  • SchemaLog
  • SchemaLog from a visual perspective
  • Here is a library of examples of SchemaLog query programs.
  • SchemaSQL
  • Halloween Special
  • Introduction to XML
  • XPath
  • XQuery