hi, i'm lily bryant.

cs msc @ the university of british columbia

I work on compilation as multi-language semantics with Prof. William J. Bowman at The Software Practices Lab in Vancouver, BC. Previously, I worked type-preserving compilation of dependent types.

My research interests include type-preserving compilation, compiler correctness, dependent type theory, and language semantics. I also enjoy studying logic from a more philosophical perspective.

Previously, I attended the University of Victoria where I received a BSc Hons in Computer Science, graduating with distinction. I completed my honours thesis on Melody, a little language (DSL) for converting text-based piano music to MIDI audio, under Prof. Jason Corless.

email --> labryant [at] cs [dot] ubc [dot] ca

Last updated: 26-08-2021

about me.

pronouns: she/they

One of my main academic passions is teaching, specifically at the post-secondary level. So far, I have been an academic assistant twelve times! I recently received the UBC CS Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in Spring 2021.

At UVic, I assisted with CSC 110, 115, 225, 226, and 320, covering topics in introductory object-oriented programming (Python, Java), intermediate graph theory, advanced data structures, algorithm design, computational complexity theory, and automata theory. At UBC, I have helped with CPSC 311, a course on programming languages, and CPSC 411, a compiler construction course. As a TA, my duties have included lab instruction, material creation, assignment and exam grading, term project supervision, creation of automated grading tools, and collaboration for course plans. Since May of 2020, I have worked on course development for CPSC 411.

Fun Facts 😊:

  • I was born on a small gulf island called Salt Spring Island, BC, just north of Victoria.
  • I did a full year of biochemistry during my Bachelor's before switching to computer science. I was missing some creativity.

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email: labryant [at] cs [dot] ubc [dot] ca

twitter: @lily_bryant_