UBC HCI Sub-specialization Courses

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The following is list of courses that have been used in the past to satisfy the course requirements for the HCI sub-specialization. The number of students who have claimed each course is listed for the first three categories, but not for the final (elective) category (many students listed more than one elective, so there not always a single course that can be identified as the one that was used to satisfy the requirements). In some cases courses appear to no longer exist.

The list is compiled from data for 31 students who completed the sub-specialization. This probably does not include the most recent students.

Course#One “Foundations of HCI” course (3 credits)
COGS 132 (now 200?)
COGS 400 (now 400?)
1Introduction to Cognitive Systems
Seminar in Cognitive Systems
CPSC 4444Advanced Methods for Human Computer Interaction
CPSC 54426Human Computer Interaction
Course#One “Empirical Methods & Analysis” course (3 credits)
EPSE 59221Experimental Designs and Analysis in Educational Research
PSYC 545A1Advanced Statistics I
PSYC 546A2Seminar in Psychological Problems
PSYC 546B1Seminar in Psychological Problems
LIBR 505
EPSE 482
1Research Methods in Information Organizations
Introduction to Statistics for Research in Education
EDUC 5003Research Methodology in Education
STAT 2511Elementary Statistics
Course#One “Design & Evaluation” course (3 credits)
CPSC 54310Physical User Interface Design and Evaluation
CPSC 554M2Topics in Human-Computer Interaction
EECE 51811Human Interface Technologies
EECE 5431Software Project Management
EECE 5711Electrical Engineering Seminar and Special Problems
EECE 5965????
PSYC 5791Special Topics in Perception
Course#One “Theory or Applications” course (3 credits)
ARCH 545An/aDirected Study
CPSC 414 (now 314)n/aComputer Graphics
CPSC 505n/aImage Understanding I: Image Analysis
CPSC 507n/aSoftware Engineering
CPSC 514n/aComputer Graphics: Rendering
CPSC 515n/aComputational Robotics
CPSC 516n/aComputational Geometry
CPSC 524n/aComputer Graphics: Modeling
CPSC 530n/aTopics in Information Processing
CPSC 532n/aTopics in Artificial Intelligence
CPSC 532Cn/aTopics in Artificial Intelligence
CPSC 533n/aTopics in Computer Graphics
CPSC 533Bn/aTopics in Computer Graphics
CPSC 533Cn/aTopics in Computer Graphics
CPSC 538An/aTopics in Computer Systems
CPSC 540n/aMachine Learning
CPSC 543n/aPhysical User Interface Design and Evaluation
CPSC 544n/aHuman Computer Interaction
CPSC 547n/aInformation Visualization
CPSC 548n/aDirected Study
CPSC 554n/aTopics in Human-Computer Interaction
CPSC 554Mn/aTopics in Human-Computer Interaction (CSCW)
EECE 417n/aSoftware Architecture
EECE 519n/aComputer-Supported Collaborative Work
EECE 544n/aMedical Imaging
EPSE 595n/aExperimental Designs and Analysis in Educational Research
HKIN 567 (now KIN 570?)n/aResearch Methods in Kinesiology
LIBR 553n/aUnderstanding Information Users in Diverse Environments
LIBR 555n/aInformation Design I - Systems
PSYC 307n/aCultural Psychology
PSYC 322n/aAdulthood and Aging
PSYC 463An/aResearch in Sensation and Perception
PSYC 578n/aPerception
PSYC 579n/aSpecial Topics in Perception
PSYC 582n/aCognition
PSYC 590n/aSurvey of Social Psychology I
Course#Major Research Project (6 credits)
(various)n/aDepends on the student's program

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