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Dr. Kellogg S. Booth, an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, studied under Ted Kaczynski1 during the Vietnam War era. He was ordained in 1969, and subsequently received his doctorate in metaphysics as well as two graduate degrees from U.C. Berkeley in computer science, despite the campus coming under tear gas attack and martial law in a period of prolonged seige by Ronald Reagan. During this time he worked closely with a group of renegade nuclear weapons designers led by an East European refugee. After being investigated by the F.B.I. in connection with the Patty Hearst kidnapping (no charges were laid), he slipped quietly into Canada one night between Christmas and New Years Eve in 1976. Ignoring the 1977 amnesty declared by President Jimmy Carter, he remained as an undocumented resident of Canada until 2004 teaching human-computer interaction and computer science at the University of British Columbia and writing angry rants to members of the university administration whenever they did something stupid, a practice he engages in to this very day.

1 Check out the Kaczynski footnote on the first page of this paper by Lara Pudwell!

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