Graduate Theses and Disserations Supervised
Graduate theses and disserations that I have (co-)supervised

The following table lists all of the master's theses and essays and doctoral dissertations for graduate students I supervised or co-supervised while I have been at The University of British Columbia. Links to a PDF version of the documents are provided when available. Co-supervisors are listed in the last column if I was not the sole supervisor.

Eventually this will be augmented with theses, essays, and disserations from when I was a faculty member at the University of Waterloo. It is unlikely links to PDF files will be available for those documents because it appears that Waterloo does not have them on-line (yet).

Click on a column header to sort (up or down) by that column. For doctoral students, click on "PhD" to see a list of their offspring.

First Last Year Degree Title Co-Supervisor
James Boritz 1999 PhD The effectiveness of three dimensional interaction  
David Forsey 1990 PhD * Motion control and surface modeling of articulated figures in computer animation Dr. Richard Bartels
R. Victor Klassen 1989 * PhD Device dependent image construction Dr. William Cowan
Richard Beach 1985 PhD Setting tables and illustrations with style Dr. John Beatty
Andrew Csinger 1995 PhD User models for intent-based authoring Dr. David Poole
Davor Cubranic 2004 PhD Project history as a group memory: learning from the past Dr. Gale Murphy
Joanna McGrenere 2002 PhD The design and evaluation of multiple interfaces: A solution for complex software Dr. Ronald Baecker
William Gates 2002 PhD Animation of reactive fluids Acting for Dr. Alain Fournier
Jason Harrison 2001 PhD Measuring and comparing human walking motions for computer animation Dr. James Little
Christopher Healey 1996 PhD Effective visualization of large multidimensional datasets Dr. James Enns
Kori Inkpen 1997 PhD Adapting the human-computer interface to support collaborative learning environments for children Dr. Maria Klawe
David Martindale 2002 PhD A pipelined framework for multi-scale image comparison Acting for Dr. Alain Fournier
Syavash Nobarany 2015 PhD Policies, practices, and potentials for computer-supported scholarly peer review  
Barry Po 2005 PhD A representational basis for human-computer interaction  
Robert Scharein 1998 PhD Interactive topological drawing Dr. James Little
Garth Shoemaker 2010 PhD Body-centric and shadow-based interaction for large wall displays  
Colin Swindells 2007 PhD Incorporating affect into the design of 1-D rotary physical controls Dr. Karon MacLean
Yoel Lanir 2009 PhD A paradigm for classroom presentations on large, high-resolution displays  
Nicole Arksey 2007 MSc Exploring the design space for concurrent use of personal and large displays for in-home collaboration Dr. Rodger Lea
Kevin Arthur 1993 MSc 3D task performance using head-coupled stereo displays Dr. Colin Ware
Peter Beshai 2014 MSc Implementation and evaluation of a classroom synchronous participation system  
Lior Berry 2005 MSc Role-based control of shared application views Dr. Lyn Bartram
Derek Cormier 2016 MSc Enhancing interfaces for scholarly peer review  
Francisco (Pax) Escalona Gonzalez 2015 MSc A camera-based approach to remote pointing interactions in the classroom  
Christopher Healey 1992 MSc Visualization of multivariate data using preattentive processing Dr. James Enns
Jeff Hendy 2009 MSc Graphically enhanced keyboard accelerators for GUIs Dr. Joanna McGrenere
Izabelle Janzen 2016 MSc Modeling distal pointing on large screens: the influence of target depth  
Evgeny Maksakov 2009 MSc Whale tank virtual reality  
Yamin Htun 2007 MSc The annotators' perspective on co-authoring with structured annotations Dr. Joanna McGrenere
Stanley Jang 1992 MSc 3D interaction studies using the shape-matching paradigm Dr. David Forsey
Brian Johnston 1994 MSc Three-dimensional multispectral stochastic image segmentation Dr. Stella Atkins
Anne Lavergne 1999 MSc Computer vision system for head movement detection and tracking Dr. David Lowe
Juliette Link 2013 MSc A model and analysis of two-handed interaction with a keyboard and pointing device Dr. Joanna McGrenere
Zhangbo Liu 2007 MSc Lacome: A cross-platform multi-user collaboration system for a shared large display  
Gary MacIsaac 1994 MSc Priming the cognitive pump: Implicit memory and navigating multiple window interfaces Dr. Peter Graf
Kirk Marple 1996 MSc Overview of multimedia application development  
Orkhan Muradov 2013 MSc Feasibility of supporting pointing on large wall displays using off-the-shelf consumer-grade tracking equipment  
Steven Page 1997 MSc Computer-mediated communication in a software engineering project course  
Brian Pidcock 1994 MSc Microcomputers in psychological experimentation, headturn: a case study Dr. Janet Werker
Barry Po 2002 MSc Open loop pointing in virtual environments Dr. Brian Fisher
Vasanth Rajendran 2012 MSc Interaction with large stereoscopic displays: Fitts and multiple object tracking studies for virtual reality  
Nuray Dindar 2012 MSc Managing on-line submission and marking of programming assignments  
Junhao Shi 2013 MSc Improve classroom interaction and collaboration using i>clicker  
David Sprague 2006 MSc The importance of accurate head registration for fine motor performance in VR  
Alexander Stevenson 2002 MSc Calibrating head-coupled virtual reality systems  
Tao Su 2011 MSc A multi-display collaborative urban planning system with a federated architecture Prof. Ronald Kellett
Jennifer Fernquist 2010 MSc A collaborative planning support system for a multi-touch tabletop: the effect of number of touch inputs on collaboration and output quality Dr. Alan Mackworth
Russell MacKenzie 2010 MSc LACOME: Early evaluation and further development of a multi-user collaboration system for shared large displays  
Clarence Chan 2009 MSc A framework for the lightweight augmentation of webcast archives  
Ying Zhang 2008 MSc Online experimenter: An evaluation of experiments conducted under local and remote conditions Dr. Brian Fisher
Sherman Lai 2008 MSc Shared displays to support collaborative exploration of ocean summits Dr. Villy Christensen
Ritchie Argue 2007 MSc Advanced multi-display configuration and connectivity Dr. Kori Inkpen
Mark Hancock 2004 MSc Improving menu placement strategies for pen input  
Carolyn Wick 1999 MSc The importance of team skills for software development  
Qixing Zheng 2006 MSc Structured annotations to support collaborative writing workflow Dr. Joanna McGrenere
Torre Zuk 1994 MSc The registration of multimodality medical scans Dr. Stella Atkins
Davor Cubranic 1998 MSc essay Design and implementation of a system for computer-supported distance art therapy  
Huan Li 2014 MSc essay Multipresenter++: A presentation system for multiple display screens  
Joanna McGrenere 1996 MSc essay DESIGN: Educational electronic multi-player games: A literature review Dr. Maria Klawe
William Scott Flinn 1992 MMath essay Visualizing program execution in real time: Representing multi-processor real time program behavior as a statistical view of state Dr. William B. Cowan
James Boritz 1990 ** MMath Of mice and menus Dr. William B. Cowan
Guno Sutiono 1989 MMath A region-based approach for digital cel painting  
Frankie K-T. Sun 1989 MMath Using X11 to demonstrate visual effects Dr. William B. Cowan
Jeffrey V. Kelley 1988 MMath X Window System on a multiprocessor Harmony System -- Design experience with a multiprocessor window system architecture Dr. Marceli Wein
Arthur A. Schultz 1988 MMath essay Generating parameterized gaits from recorded kinematic data  
Shawn R. Neely 1988 MMath * The fill interpreter -- A unified view of brushing, filling, and compositing  
J. David MacDonald 1988 MMath Space subdivision algorithms for ray tracing  
Karen D. Zeitler 1987 MMath Algorithms for ray tracing  
W. Victoria Wong 1987 MMath Concordia cum Vaxen -- Porting Harmony to the VAX-11/750 Dr. William B. Cowan
Stephen A. Williams 1987 MMath essay Draw packages -- A survey and a proposed multitasking implementation  
John Chapman 1986 MMath essay Texture mapped ellipsoids for human animation  
Brian L. Plante 1986 MMath essay Visible surface solutions using plane sweep  
Terrence M. Higgins 1986 MMath * Painting a cel -- Digital painting in a virtual RGBA frame buffer  
David R. Forsey 1985 MMath ** Harmony in transposition -- A toccata for Vax and Motorola 68000 Dr. William B. Cowan
Robert A. Krieger 1985 MMath essay 3-D environments for 2-D animation  
Alan W. Paeth 1985 MMath essay * The IM Raster Toolkit design, implementation and use  
Michael F. Morgan 1985 MMath essay Graphics support for cognitive research in human factors  
Mert Cramer 1984 MMath essay A tool for the design of audience space with pre-determined visiblity performance: The design of seating surfaces by the use of an iseidomal criteria  
Sylvia C. Lea 1983 MMath ** Fēcit: A structural language for describing computer generated scenes  
Doris H.U. Kochanek 1982 MMath * A computer system for smooth keyframe animation Dr. Richard H. Bartels
Darlene A. Plebon 1982 MMath * Interactive picture creation systems  
Baldev Singh 1982 MMath A graphics editor for Benesh Movement Notation Dr. John C. Beatty & Prof. Rhonda Ryman
Stephen A. MacKay 1982 MMath Techniques for frame buffer animation  
Douglas J. Keenan 1982 MMath essay ** [Krohn-Rhodes theory] Dr. Alan Adamson
Catherine H. Johnson 1982 MMath essay DNIF77: A program for shading molecular models  
R.V. Pablo Alliende 1982 MMath essay Antialiased DNI  
Lawrence H. Matthies 1981 MMath essay Scanning algorithms for computer grahics Dr. John C. Beatty
James S. Diamond 1981 MMath essay Linear time isomorphism of interval graphs  
Harry Yuen 1980 MMath essay Pascal DNI: A program for shading molecular models  
Joseph H. Buccino 1980 MMath essay A reliable typesetting systems for Waterloo  
Robert Dunn 1978 MMath essay Design and implementatin of a device-independent graphical interface  
L. Rex Benning 1978 MMath essay Dragon curves  
Dolores M. Panek 1978 MMath essay Implementing a linear-time test for graph planarity  
Charles J. Colbourn 1977 MMath Graph generation Dr. Ron Read

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