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This page is linked from my home page (see screenshot to the right where these links are in the dotted red lines) in order to provide access to a number of notices regarding supervision of students and postdocs that I ask people who are interested in working with me to read. You can jump to the section below that applies to you after you read this first section or you can jump now to the links for the sections.

I often receive requests for undergraduate summer internships, graduate student supervision, or postdoctoral fellow positions with me. If you sent an email of that type to me and received back simply a pointer to this web page and the words “PLEASE READ THIS”, one or more of the following applies to your situation.

  • You requested a position with me as an undergraduate intern. I am not accepting any interns at this time.
  • You requested admission and supervision by me in my department's graduate program. I am not accepting any graduate students except those who apply through my department following the normal procedures.
  • You requested that I accept you as a postdoctoral fellow (and perhaps you asked about funding). I am not accepting any postdoctoral fellows at this time.
  • Your research interests do not overlap at all with mine. I do not work in any of the following areas: artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, or a host of others that people who have sent me email have indicated as being a good fit between their interests and my interests.

You may find further information below that is helpful to you in one or more of the sections that follow.

Here is what Prof. Jeffrey D. Ullman (Stanford University) says about graduate admission and undergraduate internship requests.

If you want to find out more about my research and supervision opportunities, look at the sections below, but keep in mind the caveats listed above.

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Are you still interested in working with me? (top)

After you have looked at the information above, if you think you might be interested in working on a graduate degree under my supervision, here are some more things you should know about me, my research, and my style of supervision.

If you have read this far and are still interested, contact me by e-mail and we can discuss things further. Before we enter into a supervisory agreement, we will have a meeting to discuss the type of research you want to do and how that research fits into my own research program.

When we meet to discuss supervision, bring a copy of your most recent academic transcript, a list of the courses you have taken (what they are as well as what marks you got), a summary of your work experience, and a statement of what you expect to do in graduate school. These are for me to keep on file so I have the information when it comes to writing letters of reference for scholarships. It will also help to focus our conversation.

If you have not already been accepted into the graduate program at UBC, you must apply directly to the program(s) you are interested in prior to expecting any decision from me regarding supervision. I am happy to meet with prospective students to discuss possible supervision, but students are not admitted to the program by individual faculty members, they must apply through the normal procedures.

Other things to consider about graduate school (top)

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