CPSC 538a - Term 2 2004/2005W (January - April)

This general theme of this course is Time-Sensitive Distributed Applications. The three main topics of the course will be the following:


14-15:30 Mondays and Wednesdays


CISR 304


Charles 'Buck' Krasic e-mail web




This course will follow a research seminar format, that is, we will review and discuss a selection of recent research papers from the topic areas described above.

We will be covering two papers per class. Every person in the class is responsible for reading all of the papers.

There will be an in-class presentation for each paper, followed by group discussion. Each student can expect to be assigned the lead role for one or more of the papers, depending on the total number of participants.

The person assigned lead role will:

  1. Make an appointment to meet me sometime before your scheduled presentation.
  2. Do the short 15-20 minute slide presentation in class, summarizing the paper.
  3. Lead the group discussion:
  4. Submit a web page (due 1 week after presentation) containing:


Full details for the class projects will be given later this term , but here is an outline of what to expect. There will be a term project, which may entail programming, simulation, or design. Associated with the project will be two sets of class presentations and written submisssions, the first stage will be the project proposal, and the second and final stage will be project reports. The proposals will have a short 1-2 page written submission, and a presentation near the middle of the term in class. The project reports will be given during the first exam week, in the style of mini-workshop. The written component will be a paper (approximately 5-10 pages). Projects can be done in groups, or by individuals, subject to my approval.


Grades will be based on class participation, class presentations, and paper reports.


The first class (organizational meeting) will be on Monday, January 10, 2004

The tentative set of papers, reading schedule, and student materials are here.

Charles 'Buck' Krasic
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