Raymond Ng's Recommended Restaurant List

While there are many restaurant lists online and in print, the following list includes restaurants close-by that I have been to in the past two years and that I would recommend to you. These selections are highly biased to my own taste; so try at your own peril.

I use $ signs to indicate the price (not including alcohol): $ means "cheap" (less than $15); $$ means "medium" (between $15 to $30); $$$ means "expensive" (above $30).


Restaurants within 5-15 minutes walking distance from the Westin Bayshore:

1. Yoshi (Japanese, $$) 689 Denman Street
In general, the food is good and not expensive. Their most special feature is the kaiseki meal, which is expensive. But it is hard to find kaiseki meals outside of Japan; so it is worth a try if you can afford it.

2. Kintaro (Japanese noodles, $) 788 Denman Street
This is one of the best Japanese ramen noodle houses in Vancouver. The only problem is that you have to line up as they take no reservations.

3. Cafe de Paris (French, $$$) 751 Denman Street
The decor and the food are exactly like what you can find in a Paris bistro.

4. Banana Leaf (Malaysian, $$) 1096 Denman Street
The best Malaysian food chain restaurant in Vancouver. They offer mildly spicy food.

5. Rancity Grill (West coast, $$$) 1193 Denman Street
The food here is excellent; it is probably in the top-20 list of Vancouver's best restaurants. Try to sit at the patio to enjoy the sunset of English Bay.

6. Mondo Gelato (Ice cream only) 1094 Denman Street
This is not a restaurant; it is my favourite gelato shop in North America.

7. Cardero (West coast, $$) 1583 Coal Harbour Quay
They offer decent food. Of my recommended restaurants, this is the closest one to the Westin.

(The restaurants listed above are mainly on Denman Street. The ones below are on Robson Street. Actually, there are many cheap Japanese and Korean restaurants all along Robson.)

8. Hons (Chinese, $) 1339 Robson Street
Cheap Chinese food that is acceptable. It has a reasonable vegetarian (and a non-vegetarian) menu.

9. Cloud 9 (West coast, $$$) 1400 Robson Street
The only reason why I recommend this restaurant to you is the spectacular view - a revolving restaurant at 42 floors high. On a sunny day, the sunset is unbeatable from that height. The food is so-so. The lounge is open for drinks after 9pm.

10. Il Nido (Italian, $$) 780 Thurlow Street (intersecting Robson Street)
Tapas style.

11. Kirin (Chinese, $$) 1166 Alberni Street
Higher quality Chinese food than Hons; but you have to pay more.


Restaurants within a 5-10 minute taxi ride from the Westin Bayshore:

12. Hy's Encore (Steak, $$$) 637 Hornby Street
This is the place for AAA Alberta beef. Wine here is quite reasonably priced.

13. Kamei Royale (Japanese, $$) 2435 Burrard Street
This is a very popular restaurant for tourists from Japan.

14. Bacchus (West coast, $$$) 845 Hornby Street
The decor and the food are what you would expect from one of the best boutique hotels in Canada.

15. Don Francesco (Italian, $$$) 860 Burrard Street
Great food and wine. But the most special treat of the restaurant is that the owner, who was trained as an opera singer in Rome, occassionally sings real opera arias for customers.

16. Il Giardino (Italian, $$$) 1382 Hornby Street
My favourite Italian restaurant in Vancouver.

17. Cioppino (Italian, $$$) 1133 Hamilton Street
Apart from the excellent food, the wine selection here is amazing.

18. Chambar (Belgian, $$) 562 Beatty Street
Wonderful mussels and beer on tap.