KangKang Yin

Computer Science Department
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University of British Columbia
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I've moved to the Simon Fraser University (SFU) July 2017 as an Associate Professor in the School of Computing Science. Here is my new home page.

I was a PhD student and a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, supervised by Michiel van de Panne and Dinesh K. Pai. Afterwards I worked at MSRA in the Internet Graphics group for two years. From 2010-2016 I was a faculty member in the School of Computing at the Nationl University of Singapore. I am interested in Computer Animation and Simulation, especially responsive character animation and real-time humanoid motion control.





Sampling-based Contact-rich Motion Control,

Libin Liu, KangKang Yin, Michiel van de Panne, Tianjia Shao, Weiwei Xu. To appear in Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH 2010, 10 pages.

[pdf][mov 46M] [demo video at YouTube]



Joint-aware Manipulation of Deformable Models,

Weiwei Xu, Jun Wang, KangKang Yin, Kun Zhou, Michiel van de Panne, Falai Chen, Baining Guo. ACM Trans. Graph. 28, 3, Article 35 (Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH, August 2009), 9 pages.

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Equation 8 is wrong, the right-hand-side should be the "plane distance" in Figure 3b.

Synthesis of Constrained Walking Skills,

Stelian Coros, Philippe Beaudoin, KangKang Yin, and Michiel van de Panne. ACM Trans. Graph. 27, 5, Article 113 (Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA, December 2008), 9 pages.

[pdf][mov 129M]


Continuation Methods for Adapting Simulated Skills,

KangKang Yin, Stelian Coros, Philippe Beaudoin, and Michiel van de Panne. ACM Trans. Graph. 27, 3, Article 81 (Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH, August 2008), 7 pages.

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SIMBICON: Simple Biped Locomotion Control,

KangKang Yin, Kevin Loken, and Michiel van de Panne. ACM Trans. Graph. 26, 3, Article 105 (Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH, August 2007), 10 pages.

JSIMBICON Java Applet for a planar 7-link biped

[pdf][videos: overview 61M, drunk, downhill,spinlimp, boxes,different friction]

Figure 2: Finite state machine for walking

The simulation step for 3D bipeds is 0.0005s

Omnidirectional Humanoid Balance Control: Multiple Strategies for Reacting to a Push,

KangKang Yin, and Michiel van de Panne. University of British Columbia, Computer Science technical report TR-2006-11, 2006.



Data-driven Interactive Balancing Behaviors,

KangKang Yin, Dinesh K. Pai, and Michiel van de Panne, PG '05: Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications, 118-121, 2005.

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FootSee: an Interactive Animation System,

KangKang Yin, and Dinesh K. Pai, SCA '03: Proceedings of the 2003 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics symposium on Computer animation, 329-338, 2003.

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Motion Perturbation Based on Simple Neuromotor Control Models,

KangKang Yin, Michael B. Cline, and Dinesh K. Pai, PG '03: Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications, 445-449, 2003.

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Robust Mesh Watermarking Based on Multiresolution Processing,

KangKang Yin, Zhigeng Pan, Jiaoying Shi, and David Zhang, Computers & Graphics 25(3): 409-420, 2001.



A Secure Transaction Model Based on Digital Steganography and Watermarking,

Kangkang Yin, Zhigeng Pan, Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi, CAD&CG?9, 1999.


Texture Watermarking in VRML Scenes,

KangKang Yin, Zhigeng Pan, Jiaoying Shi, ChinaGraph?000 and Journal of Engineering Graphics, Vol.21, No.3, pp.126-131, 2000 (in Chinese)


A Robust Image Watermarking Algorithm,

KangKang Yin, Jiaoying Shi, Zhigeng Pan, Journal of Software, 2000 (in Chinese)



Exploiting PowerDynamo to Develop Web-based Applications of Database Systems,

KangKang Yin, Lixia Yan, Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi, Computer Application Research, 1999(10) (in Chinese)


Development of WWW Database System based on Internet/Intranet,

Lixia Yan, KangKang Yin, Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi.  Computer Engineering and Application, 1999 (in Chinese)


Multimedia Watermarking Systems and Their Attack Analysis,

KangKang Yin, Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi.  Computer Science, 1999(9) (in Chinese)


Application and Analysis of Information Reordering in Lossy Predictive Image Compression Systems,

KangKang Yin, Hui Xiang, Jiaoying Shi. , The Sixth National Multimedia Technology Conference,1997 (in Chinese)



Instructor: CPSC 101: Connecting with Computer Science. Summer 2007  

Fundamentals of computer science and their connections with the arts, psychology, and biology. Historical, cultural, and gender perspectives of important contributions to the field will be discussed.


Teaching Assistant: CPSC 303: Numerical Approximation and Discretization. Spring 2006  

Numerical techniques for basic mathematical processes involving discretization, and their analysis. Interpolation and approximation, including splines and least squares data fitting; numerical differentiation and integration; introduction to numerical initial value ordinary differential equations.


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