Learning to Steer on Winding Tracks Using Semi-Parametric Control Policies

The following results show steering behaviors that were learned using our semi-parametric control policy representation. The vehicles controlled include a car, single-trailer truck, and double-trailer truck. Of particular interest are the backwards-driving single and double-trailer trucks given that the trailer will tend to jack-knife without corrective action. The Variable Width Track video shows the ability of the policy to generalize to a track of width different from that which was used for training.  More details can be found in our ICRA 2005 paper and my MSc thesis.

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Car backing up with obstacles. Truck with trailer backing up. Two-trailer truck backing up. Truck backing up on tracks of varing width.
Car - with obstacles(2.2 Mb) 1-Trailer Truck - variable track(4.1 Mb) 2-Trailer Truck (1.7 Mb) Variable Width Track(.wmv)(2.1 Mb)




Car on wide track. Truck with trailer on track.
Car on Wide Track (2.0 Mb) 1-Trailer Truck (3.5 Mb)