I’m an incoming assistant professor in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. My start date is January 2022. Please considering joining us. The deadline is December 15.

If you are interested in my research and want to make an impact on the broad fields of computational biology and machine learning, please consider listing me as your potential adviser in your application.

I’m now a postdoctoral associate working with Prof. Aviv Regev and Prof. Ramnik Xavier at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

My research focuses on developing statistical models and efficient algorithms to learn biologically interpretable latent structures in large-scale, high-dimensional single-cell genomics data, such as those from single-cell transcriptomics, single-cell epigenomics, and spatially resolved methods. I’m interested in integrating these datasets generated by cutting-edge single-cell genomics technologies to provide a comprehensive view of biological systems, and understand how they change dynamically under disease perturbations (e.g., cancer and allergic diseases) and treatments. I’m also interested in technology development and analyzing the features of data generated by different platforms for developing effective data analysis tools (with Dr. Joshua Levin).