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Some say that scuba-diving is addictive - well, I guess it's true, at least for me. I started scuba-diving in spring 1997 in British Columbia. To be precise, it was February, and the water was kind of cold - but then this was meant to be only part of my preparations for a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Since then, I did lots of dives, mostly in British Columbia, but also some in Florida and Mexico.

Since 1998 I've been an active member of the UBC Aqua Society where I helped organising shore dives and boat charters.

Naturally, my interest in diving lead me to finding some neat websites, and since friends ask me every now and then for these links, I thought I might as well put them on a nice little page. As to whether to include more personal diving info on this page (experience, credentials, gear, dive log, ...) I am still undecided - may be later, when I have more time ;)

Some dive sites on the web:

This page is dedicated to my dive buddy Sonia, and to all the people who introduced and accompanied me into the underwater world. Safe diving to all of you!

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