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Have you ever asked yourself what music is all about? Well, I have. And of course, I didn't find a conclusive answer. So I guess the essence of music is still an Unanswered Question. Anyway, for me music is an important part of my life and has been for some time now. And as I see it, the most intriguing aspect about music is its potential to influence - if not communicate - moods and emotions.

I was rather surprised to find out that actually there are many pieces of music which strongly appeal to a large number of people I know. Of course, part of the reason is that the people I know mostly share some of my preferences and tastes. But my impression is that there might be more to it than just that. Maybe there is really something special about these pieces which makes them more effective than others. Of course, much depends also on personal taste and experience. But I believe, that there is something more inter-subjective than that...

I invite you to browse this small selection from my music cabinet, and thereby share a bit of my musical taste and experience. And maybe you'll find, too, that there's something special about these pieces... However, often I sense this special quality only in some part of a larger work; therefore the references given below often indicate specific movements or sections. Since my musical preferences strongly depend on the time of the day (which can by quite different from what the time-piece indicates!), I use this as a criterion to group my musical library.

Aubades (Morning Serenades):

Afternoon Fancies: Music for the Twilight Hours: Nocturnes (Music of the Night):

This small selection is not meant to be representative for the music I like. Anyway, I intend to update this from time to time, as I find time to make additions, and as my own musical experience grows and my moods change. I'm also thinking about extending the entries with some pieces of additional information, but I'm a bit undecided. For the moment, I let the music stand for itself.

If you have questions or feedback, or in case you should simply like to share your experiences, thougths, or feelings, please send me e-mail!

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