Holger's Composition Studies

Having a strong interest in music, its inherent structure, and rules als well as its less substantial qualities, I felt tempted to try myself at some form of composition for quite a long time. Before I became more involved with the field of Computer Music and various most fascinating approaches to composition within that field, I used to think that one better leaves composition to the experts in that field. However, especially with a tool like the SALIERI System (an interactive computer music system recently developed at TU Darmstadt) at hand, I finally came to the conclusion that even for non-professional musicians it can make sense to engage in compositional activity.

At the moment, I am following a very structuralistic, formal approach and work mainly on the algorithmic level. Many people might regard this as less creative or authentic than good old-fashioned procedures using less advanced tools, like a piano, pencil and paper. In my opinion, composition is a creative process which mainly takes place in the mind. As long as the compositional process remains an interactive one, controlled by a creative mind, the choice of tools used within this process is of no central importance for the fundamental quality of the result. I don't see a reason why the choice of tools should make a difference for perception and (necessarily subjective) evaluation of a "work of art". If you are interested in the tools I am using, have a look at the SALIERI System and Language website.

Since my compositional efforts so far have been mainly of a experimental nature, I prefer to call the resulting pieces "studies" rather then "opus". Also, I create these mainly for my own pleasure and experience; but since several people who happened to listen to them encouraged me to do so, I decided to make them publicly available here. At the moment, there are only MIDI-files along with some explanatory comments; I have recordings of a far better quality, but have not yet decided whether to include corresponding audio files here. I'm also considering to make the scores available; but then, the time I can spend for these things is very limited at the moment so I prefer to use it for more creative purposes ;-)

Narayana's Cows - Composition Study #1 (1996)

Part 1: Introduction - The Herd [midi file, 11k]
Part 2: Polylogue [midi file, 6k]
Comments [pdf file, 31k]

Drops - Composition Study #2 (1996)

Audio [midi file, 11k]
Comments [pdf file, 27k]

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