SATLIB - The Satisfiability Library

Welcome to SATLIB at The most recent release of SATLIB is Version 1.4.4 of 01/05/11. Currently, SATLIB is available from the the following sites:

Citing SATLIB: If you use SATLIB for your research, we ask you to acknowledge it in the respective publications by citing the following article:

Holger H. Hoos and Thomas Stützle: SATLIB: An Online Resource for Research on SAT. In: I.P.Gent, H.v.Maaren, T.Walsh, editors, SAT 2000, pp.283-292, IOS Press, 2000. SATLIB is available online at

You can find a PDF file of this paper (almost final version) at

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SATLIB is currently being updated and restructured . Temporary disruptions of service should be expected between 03/06/01 and 03/12/15.

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