Representing Score-Level Music Using the GUIDO Music-Notation Format

Holger H. Hoos, Keith A. Hamel, Kai Renz and Jürgen Kilian

in Computing in Musicology, Vol.12.


GUIDO Music Notation is a novel approach for adequately representing score-level music. Based on a simple, yet powerful and easily extensible formalism, GUIDO is realized as a plain-text, human-readable and platform independent format. The key feature of the underlying design is representational adequacy: simple musical concepts can be expressed in a simple way, while complex musical notions may require more complex representations. GUIDO Music Notation can be used for a broad range of applications, including notation software, composition and analysis systems and tools, music databases, and music on the WWW. In this article, we discuss the motivation for developing GUIDO Music Notation, give an overview of its design and features, and describe its current applications.

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