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Advanced GUIDO Format - Specification (Draft)

version: 0.3b [1999/05/12]
authors: Holger H. Hoos, Keith A. Hamel, Kai Renz, and Jürgen Kilian


  1. Introduction
  2. Syntax Extensions w.r.t. Basic GUIDO [kr+jk]
  3. Note Attributes [kr+jk]
  4. Exact Spacing and Score Formatting [kh+hh]
  5. Exact Positioning and Formatting of Basic Notation Elements [kh+hh]
  6. Text and Lyrics [hh+jk]
  7. More Articulation Marks, Barline Types and Symbols [kh+hh]
  8. Other Musical Concepts [jk+kr]
  9. Arbitrary Graphical Elements [kh+hh]
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. Index

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