WMST 201 / CPSC 101 Course Project

Your course project is your chance to do something creative using the computer! The goals for the project are to hone your skills in HTML, JavaScript, Java or graphical software, while working on a topic of interest to you that relates to the course content.

Possible Projects:

Here are some ideas for projects: You should not feel limited by the above suggestions. If you have other ideas, talk to me about them. However, doing a personal home page is not ok for your project.


What you need to do:

  1. Decide what you would like to work on, and find a partner or two to work with.
  2. Submit a short project proposal by 17:00 on Friday, 4 November 2005. Your proposal should be in the form of a web page (please keep it simple!), and add a link from your class personal web page to your project proposal . At the beginning of your proposal, list the title of the project, the names of all participants (with e-mail addresses) and your lab section (weekday). Your proposal should contain a title and indicate which lab you are in. Send the URL to your class personal page to me (Holger) as well as to the TAs for your lab section via e-mail. We will review the project proposals on-line, from your web pages. Check the link from the class web page to your page, to make sure that the link to your project proposal works.

    Your proposal should include a short (about 1 page) summary of what you plan to do, and a breakdown of which person in the group is going to assume responsibility for which parts of the project (including proposal and final report preparation, and presentation), along with time lines for getting each part done.

  3. Submit a final project report by 18:00 on Friday, 25 November 2005. You should put a link from your home page to your project final report. The final report should include:
    • A short description of the completed project.
    • A summary of the concepts from class that you used and the new concepts that you learned while doing the project (with code fragments to illustrate new techniques, if appropriate). Particularly if you choose to do an art project, it is important to document the underlying computer techniques used.
    • A short statement of who in the group contributed what.
    • Clear acknowledgements of all sources (other web pages, articles, books, etc.) that you used in preparing your project. Check the information in the text about respecting copyright law.
  4. Give a short presentation about your project. Presentations will be held during lab times on the last week of class, in a suitable location. Each group will have 10 minutes for their presentation. A laptop with internet access will be available.

Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Have fun!