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Welcome to my webpage at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Computer Science.

I am PhD student in Dr. Wolfgang Heidrich's Physical Simulation and Measurement lab (PSM). The PSM lab focuses on research related to computational display, computational photography, HDR imaging and 3D capture in computer graphics. Graduate students have access to a range of specialty equipment including high dynamic range (HDR) displays, rapid prototyping machines ('3D printers'), a variety of cameras and illumination equipment and an optical table.





News: Our paper "Calibrated Image Appearance Reproduction" got accepted into SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012. This is work in collaboration with Erik Reinhard, Tania Pouli, Ben Long, Timo Kunkel and Anders Ballestad.

My current research interest is the development of computational projection displays. More specifically I am working towards enabling high dynamic range, high peak luminance, wide color gamut and 3D in movie theaters and home cinemas.

My background is in HDR display and projection technologies and color management algorithms for those devices. I have worked in these fields both in academic research and in consumer electronics industry environments.

During my undergraduate studies, in 2004, I started working for a Vancouver based start-up, BrightSide Technologies, that brought LED-based local dimming displays to market and was sold to Dolby Laboratories in 2007, where I continued my work until 2012, when I joined Wolfgang's group at UBC.

In May of 2012 two former Dolby colleagues and I incorporated
MTT Innovation, Inc., a Vancouver based technology start-up.

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