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Demystifying the Many Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Intro In recent years there has been an explosion in Deep Reinforcement learning research resulting in the creation of many different RL algorithms that work with deep networks. In DeepRL and RL in general the goal is to optimize a policy \(\pi(a|s,\theta)\) with parameters \(\theta\) with respect …if (!document.getElementById('mathjaxscript_pelican_#%@#$@#')) { var align = "center", indent = "0em", linebreak = "false"; if (false) { align = (screen.width

Deep Rienforcement Learning: A course on the subject

Reinforcemen learning is large and accelerating area of research. The recent advances in combining RL method with Deep learning have given way to solutions to challenging problems Like playing Atari and Robotic Manipulation. These advances have been wonderful but as many practitioners might have relized getting these methods to work …