Regular Events

Regular events

Tuesday Tea

  • A regular chance for people to meet and chat in an informal atmosphere over tea and snacks, open to the whole department.
  • Tuesdays, 4 – 5pm, 8th floor Department Lounge (X860)
  • Contact: Chris Chen


  • The Un-Distinguished Lecture Series (UDLS) is a series of casual lectures on a variety of topics. Every week a different student volunteers to give a talk about what he or she is interested in.
  • Fridays, 5:15pm, ICICS/CS Building – 8th floor boardroom (X836)
  • More information
  • Sign Up and Schedule
  • Contact: Adam GellerĀ 

Beer Call (or other Friday Night Socials)

  • Every Friday after UDLS the CS grad students head out for some delicious food and drink. No matter how much you’ve got going on, there’s always room to fit a Friday evening outing into your schedule!
  • Contact: Giovanni Viviani

Graduate Student Seminar Series

  • A seminar series appealing to a wide set of needs of computer science graduate students.
  • Potential topics include:
    • Plagiarism/ethics
    • TA training seminars
    • Using the reading room/library
    • Doing research projects and critical paper reviews
    • Choosing a supervisor
    • Doing good research
    • Finding a job/internship in academia/industry
    • Algorithms
    • Matlab
    • Linear Algebra
    • Proofs/Analysis
    • C/C++
    • OpenGL
    • Multivariate Analysis
    • Probability
    • Latex
    • Java
    • Python
  • Past Seminars can be found here.
  • If you would like to present, or have a new idea for a presentation, contact the CSGSA president, Nico Ritschel