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Assignment Submission

Assignments must be handed in class on the due date. If you cannot hand in your assignment in class, you may hand it in either at the instructor's mailbox at the main office or slide it under the instructor's office door. Code should be submitted to the email address Please include all your source files and a separate readme file that explains how to run your code if that's not obvious. Your hardcopy assignment must include all your code and outpout.

Regrading Requests

If you feel that you deserve a better grade for an assigment, please contact the TAs. If you are still not satisfied after communicating with the TAs, you may appeal the decision to the instructor. The TA or the professor may ask you to submit your request in writing.

Note that your entire assignment may be re-evaluated, not just the question that you submit for regrade.

Late Days Policy

Each student gets three delays to use during the term. A delay allows you to submit by the following class and before solutions are posted online without penalty; for example, if an assignment is due on Tuesday in class, and the solution is posted after Thursday midnight, then submission by Thursday counts as one delay. Apart from using delays, late submissions are not accepted.

Once a solution set has been posted, no more late submissions are permitted; consequently, you may not always be able to use your delays.

Assignment Collaboration Policy

You are allowed to discuss assignment questions with anyone you like; however: