CPSC500 Reading Project Presentations

Friday December 8, 12:30pm-4:00pm, 8th Floor Boardroom (Room X836 ICCS/CS)

Below is the tentative schedule of presentations, along with links to the articles.

A few tips as you prepare for the presentations:

Groups of size three will have 18 minutes + 2 minutes for questions, groups of size two will have 12 minutes+ 2 minutes for questions, and the individual presenter will have 8 minutes + 2 minutes for questions.

If you wish, you can send me a ppt or pdf file of your presentation before 11am on Friday, and you can use my laptop for the presentation.

Schedule of Presentations

Time Presentation
12:35-12:55 Sarah Habashi, Sugun Machipeddy, Ali Siahkoohihba.
Simple, fast and deterministic gossip and rumor spreading, by Bernhard Haeupler, 2012.
(Also in the Journal of the ACM (JACM) 62:6 (2015), Article No. 47.)
12:55-1:10 Izabelle Janzen, Haoran Yu. Fully Dynamic Algorithms for Maintaining All-Pairs Shortest Paths and Transitive Closure in Digraphs by Valerie King. Proceedings of the 40th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 1999, Pages 81-91.
1:10-1:24 Hooman Hashemi, Nico Ritschel. Space-efficient static trees and graphs, by G Jacobson, Foundations of Computer Science, 1989.
1:25-1:35 Break
1:35-1:55 Taylor Lundy, Carl Kwan. Proof complexity and propositional satisfiability: Algorithms for DPLL and Resolution Paper: Complexity Results on DPLL and Resolution, by Paolo Liberatore, ACM Transactions on Computational Logic (TOCL) Volume 7 Issue 1, January 2006, Pages 84-107.
1:55-2:15 Siddesh Khandelwal, Suhail Mohammed, Mohit Bajaj. An envy-free cake division protocol, by Brams SJ, Taylor AD. The American Mathematical Monthly. 1995 Jan 1;102(1):9-18. And A discrete and bounded envy-free cake cutting protocol for any number of agents, by Aziz H, Mackenzie S. In Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), 2016 IEEE 57th Annual Symposium on 2016 Oct 9 (pp. 416-427). IEEE.
2:15-2:35 Halldor Thorhallsson, Daniel Araujo Almeida, Meghana Venkataswamy. A Decision-Theoretic Generalization of On-Line Learning and an Application to Boosting by Yoav Freund and Robert E. Schapire Journal of Computer and System Sciences 55, 119 -139, (1997). (The Adaboost algorithm and its generalizations)
2:35-2:45 Break
2:45-2:55 Mike Wathen.
Methods of Conjugate Gradients for Solving Linear Systems, Hestenes, Magnus R.; Stiefel, Eduard (December 1952)
2:55-3:15 Weirui Kong, Qiuyan Liu, Forough Pourhossein.
Two Algorithms for Nearest-Neighbor Search in High Dimensions, by Jon M. Kleinberg.
3:15-3:35 Huang Fang, Liran Li, and Bicheng Xu
Aggregating inconsistent information: ranking and clustering, by Nir Ailon, Moses Charikar, and Alantha Newman.
ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC), pages 684-693, 2005