Chenxi Liu


I am a Ph.D. student in the Imager lab at the University of British Columbia, working with Alla Sheffer. Prior to my Ph.D. study, I was a research intern at Disney Research Pittsburgh under the supervision of Jessica Hodgins and Jim McCann. Before that, I earned my M.S. at Carnegie Mellon University and my B.Eng. at Beihang University in China.

Research-wise, my interests lie in sketching and building tools that help drawing and creation in general.


  • ConTesse: Accurate Occluding Contours for Subdivision Surfaces

    Chenxi Liu, Pierre Bénard, Aaron Hertzmann, Shayan Hoshyari

    Conditionally accepted to ACM Transactions on Graphics.

  • Detecting Viewer-Perceived Intended Vector Sketch Connectivity

    Jerry Yin*, Chenxi Liu*, Rebecca Lin, Nicholas Vining, Helge Rhodin, Alla Sheffer

    ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2022).

  • StrokeStrip: Joint Parameterization and Fitting of Stroke Clusters

    Dave Pagurek van Mossel, Chenxi Liu, Nicholas Vining, Mikhail Bessmeltsev, Alla Sheffer

    ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2021).

  • Lifting Freehand Concept Sketches into 3D

    Yulia Gryaditskaya, Felix Hähnlein, Chenxi Liu, Alla Sheffer, Adrien Bousseau

    ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2020).

  • SketchAggregator

    Chenxi Liu, Enrique Rosales, and Alla Sheffer.

    ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH) 2018.

  • Quilting Pattern Generation

    Chenxi Liu, Jessica Hodgins, and Jim McCann.

    The method converts an input image into a single-line quilting pattern that can be manufactured by a computer-controlled quilting machine. The major contribution is to formulate the single-line pattern generation problem as a Rural Postman Problem.

  • Threadsteading

    Jim McCann, April Grow, Chenxi Liu, Lea Albaugh, Gillian Smith, and Jen Mankoff

    A two-player territory control game for quilting and embroidery machines. I reverse engineered (with Jim's help) the computer-controlled embroidery machine to support our game control on a Raspberry Pi.


  • Parallel Computation (CPSC418@UBC, Winter 2, 2016/17)

    I was the TA of CPSC418. I designed and implemented a CUDA assignment of realtime Voronoi diagrams (Jump Flooding for rendering, parallel Lloyd's algorithm for updates). Sadly, I had to convert it into a convolution assignment for difficulty concern. Hopefully, the assignment can be released after some simplifications in the future.