CPSC 503 - Winter 2020-21 T1 - Computational Linguistics

Final Projects Work Plan

Meet with me in person at least once to  discuss your project
at least a week before the proposal due date

Important dates and work plan (for group projects (2 people) increase requirements by ~50%)

You're submitting a proposal, not a specification - it's natural that your plans will change somewhat as you refine your ideas. But your proposal should be based on an idea that we've discussed and I've approved.

Research Proposal format: your writeup should be 1-2 pages (3-4 for groups) and include:

Your presentation should be based on the writeup. However, remember that this is intended for your classmates (not for me) . And they had no previous exposure to your ideas. You will not have much time so focus on key points

Pedagogical Project Proposal: Make “small” contribution to NLP education. Your writeup should be 1-2 pages and include:

          Presentation outline:

Pedagogical Project Proposal:

You will present the results of your project with both a presentation and a written report. The reports should be  6-8 pages (including references - max 1 page) in the HLT/NAACL  format. For your presentation assume that the audience only knows about techniques we covered in the course. So, if your work is based on other techniques provide a brief explanation that relates these techniques to what we covered in 503. For your presentation you will have (instructions will be send on canvas). As for an outline you can follow the one for the  report (see below).

Your final report should be a standalone document that fully describes your project. Do not assume the reader has seen your original proposal.

Pedagogical Project Final Presentation and Report: Use the format you prefer as long as it does not look drafty.

The report should cover all the points above. You can provide auxilliay material like slides and the assignment. Use the format you prefer as long as it does not look drafty.

2021 submit your final report  on Canvas (include your name in file title)

carenini at cs.ubc.ca (Ack: portions of the project work plan were borrowed from T. Munzner)