CPSC 503 - Winter 2016 - Computational Linguistics

Final Projects Work Plan

Meet with me in person at least once to  discuss your project
at least a week before the proposal due date

Important dates and work plan (for group projects (2 people) increase requirements by 50%)

You're submitting a proposal, not a specification - it's natural that your plans will change somewhat as you refine your ideas. But your proposal should be based on an idea that we've discussed and I've approved.

Research Proposal format: your writeup should be 1-2 pages and include:

Your presentation should be based on the writeup. However, remember that this is intended for your classmates (not for me) . And they had no previous exposure to your ideas. You will not have much time so focus on key points

Pedagogical Project Proposal: Make “small” contribution to NLP education. Your writeup should be 1-2 pages and include:

          Presentation outline:

Pedagogical Project Proposal:

Also bring to class a short write-up (no more than one page) summarizing your presentation. Please send me your update presentation by April 12 at noon

You will present the results of your project with both a presentation and a written report. The reports should be  6-7 pages (including references - max 1 page) in the HLT/NAACL  format. For your presentation assume that the audience only knows about techniques we covered in the course. So, if your work is based on other techniques provide a brief explanation that relates these techniques to what we covered in 503. For your presentation you will have 10 mins + 2 mins for questions (+5 mins for group projects). As for an outline you can follow the one for the  report (see below).

Your final report should be a standalone document that fully describes your project. Do not assume the reader has seen your original proposal.

carenini at cs.ubc.ca (Ack: portions of the project work plan were borrowed from T. Munzner)