CPSC 502 - Winter 2011 - Artificial Intelligence I

Final Essay Work Plan (review due date - Dec 12 - 11pm)

You have to write a critical review of the paper you presented + a set of at least five additional papers related to the paper you have presented in class. A book chapter on a topic not discussed in class, or only mentioned  briefly is worth a paper.

The reports should be  8-10 pages in this  format

Possible relevant papers:

Possible relevant book Chapters: a book chapter describing in detail a technique used in your paper. This can be a reasoning technique, a learning technique, or an evaluation technique.

By the end of the day of your presentation, you have to submit (by email) the list of the papers you are going to critically summarize in your essay. For each paper, briefly explain why it was selected. I'll give you feedback on the list.

If you are working in pairs increase everything by 50%  (number of papers and length of the essay)

Both content and presentation quality will be assessed with the following weights
- content 65%
- presentation 35%


- Motivate why this is an interesting topic

- Motivate the problem the papers are trying to solve

- Provide background for the AI techniques used in the paper, especially if
we did not cover those in the course.

- Describe how the AI techniques usedin the paper are related to the one we saw in the lectures

- Provide a critical assessment of the papers
e.g., Strengths and weaknesses of the proposed approaches and evaluation methods

- Critically discuss the results of each paper and how one paper may be building on another one

- I encourage you to use diagrams to improve your explanations

- Discuss what is in your opinion potential promising future work

-As for any good paper. you need an abstract, an intro, ...., conclusions, future work and references
(not just the papers you are reviewing)

- give credit if you include a figure/text from another paper


- It is very common to have to read a paper several times before you fully understand the content.
Allocate sufficient time for carefully reading the papers not just for the writing of your survey.
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