Alex Bradley

I graduated from the M.Sc. program in the Software Practices Lab in 2011; my supervisor was Dr. Gail Murphy. My thesis research focused on evaluating user interface techniques for integrating historical information about source code into IDEs. I contrasted Holmes and Begel's Deep Intellisense tool (which provided historical information for a single code element through three integrated views) with a novel approach, realized in a prototype called Rationalizer, in which historical information was integrated into the background of a source code editor. See my projects section or publications for more details.

I am the creator of Collage, an open-source Eclipse framework that lets developers create and edit layers of graphical shapes on top of their code. I used the Collage framework as the basis for a set of code markup tools which allow developers to add ink annotations, basic geometric shapes and text notes to their code. I presented Collage at the Vancouver Eclipse Demo Camp in June 2012. To try Collage and the code markup tools, just drag the "Install" button (at right) into a running Eclipse workspace.

I worked as a senior software developer for Coho Data from 2013–2017. I was a core contributor to the creation and subsequent development of the management UI for Coho's DataStream product offerings. I am now working on CloudVision telemetry at Arista Networks.