The Vancouver Systems Colloquium is a small and informal workshop, to be held at UBC, on Thursday October 7th, 2010. Immediately following OSDI 2010, the workshop will be a highly-interactive environment for new work in systems research.

The colloquium will take place at UBC's Liu Centre for Global Issues and will run from 9am until 5pm. Lunch and coffee will be provided.

This page reflects the current details on the workshop and will be updated as everything works itself out.


9:00-9:10 - Opening Remarks

9:10-10:50 - Chair: Rebecca Isaacs

  • It's not a system if nobody uses it, Michael Isard, Microsoft Research (10-minutes)
  • Stop building distributed services with a decoupled host-centric network, Mike Freedman, Princeton
  • Regaining Control of Your Data: Self-destructing Data and Beyond, Roxana Geambasu, University of Washington
  • Towards a Universal Stream Processing Platform, Robert Soulé, New York University

10:50-11:10 - Break

11:10-12:40 - Chair: Steve Gribble

  • Web 3.0: VMs as application containers, David Lie, Toronto
  • Programming the cloud with Skywriting, Derek Murray, University of Cambridge
  • Some thoughts induced by encounters with large-scale systems, John Wilkes, Google

12:40-1:40 - Lunch

1:40-3:10 - Chair: Gernot Heiser

  • We Crashed, Now What?, Cristiano Giuffrida, Vrije Universiteit
  • Execution Analytics: Understanding software footprints, Brendan Cully, UBC
  • Give me back my data structures! Reverse engineering data structures from stripped binaries, Herbert Bos, Vrije Universiteit

3:10-3:30 - Break

3:30-5:00 - Chair: Andrew Baumann

  • A Deterministic OpenMP, Amittai Aviram, Yale University
  • What's wrong with the raw socket? New OS Abstractions for SW packet processors, Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell University (10 minutes)
  • Where did all my packets go: Exact temporal characterization of 10 Gbps optical wide-area network, Dan Freedman, Cornell University (10 minutes)
  • Managing all kinds of contention on multi-core CPUs, Sasha Fedorova, Simon Fraser University


The current list of confirmed participants is as follows:

  • Petros Maniatis, Intel Research
  • Steven Gribble, University of Washington
  • Roxana Geambasu, University of Washington
  • Gernot Heiser, National ICT Australia
  • Etienne Le Sueur, National ICT Australia
  • Ihor Kuz, National ICT Australia
  • Timothy Roscoe, ETH, Zurich
  • Andrew Baumann, ETH, Zurich
  • Oriana Riva, ETH, Zurich
  • Ercan Ucan, ETH, Zurich
  • Pravin Shinde, ETH, Zurich
  • Michael Isard, Microsoft Research
  • John Wilkes, Google
  • Rebecca Isaacs, Microsoft Research
  • Paul Barham, Microsoft Research
  • A.S. Tanenbaum, Vrije Universiteit
  • Cristiano Giuffrida, Vrije Universiteit
  • Lorenzo Cavallaro, Vrije Universiteit
  • Robert Grimm, New York University
  • Robert Soulé, New York University
  • Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell University
  • Daniel Freedman, Cornell University
  • Amittai Aviram, Yale University
  • Sen Hu, Yale University
  • David Lie, University of Toronto
  • Sasha Fedorova, Simon Fraser University
  • Justin Funston, Simon Fraser University
  • Sergey Blagodurov, Simon Fraser University
  • Mike Freedman, Princeton
  • Herbert Bos, Vrije Universiteit
  • Derek Murray, University of Cambridge
  • Tim Deegan, University of Cambridge
  • Bill Aiello, UBC
  • Andrew Warfield, UBC
  • Brendan Cully, UBC
  • Geoffrey Lefebvre, UBC
  • Dutch Meyer, UBC
  • Peter Druschel, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
  • Paarijaat Aditya, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
  • Patrick Mcdaniel, Penn State University
  • Chris Frost, UCLA


The colloquium will take place at UBC's Liu institute for Global issues.

The Liu Center is about a 10-15 minute walk from the UBC bus loop. Directions are available from the UBC Wayfinding web site.


Contact Andrew Warfield with questions or if you get lost. My cell number is +1 (604) 764-2773.