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Email Warning: I'm often in a state of email bankruptcy. If you need a timely reply and haven't heard from me, please stop by or try calling. Physical mail is also generally reliable.

Welcome to my quick-and-dirty home page. This page exists simply to make it easier for people to get documents and software from me. I'll make a really spiffy home page to show off what a net-savvy Generation X slacker I am when I have nothing better to do.

Prospective Graduate Students

UBC is a great place to do your masters or PhD! Admission is extremely competitive, but if you're up for the challenge, please consider applying. See our graduate admissions welcome page for more information.

Note that UBC Computer Science does graduate admissions via an admissions committee, so it's pointless to send me generic I-want-to-be-your-student emails. If you have very specific background and interest in formal verification, I'll try to answer email questions. Otherwise, just apply, come to UBC, meet all the profs, take the courses, and if everything works out, we might end up doing research together. A great thing about our department is that you have enormous freedom after you arrive to choose your research area and advisor.

Formal Verification Courses

I'm teaching a course on formal verification of finite-state systems (mainly hardware, but relevant to some software). This links to the course home page (CPSC 513).

I previously taught another course on this topic in Spring 1996-1997. This links to the old home page for CPSC 538D.

For people looking for a quick introduction, here is a short, introductory paper on hardware verification with BDDs. It appeared in PACRIM in 1997, (Please see my publication list for full bibliographic information.) so it is a bit dated and limited, but it still makes a nice introduction. I wrote it with the goal of creating the simplest presentation of this material that still has technical content. I've often received compliments about this paper along the lines of, "It was so simple, I could even give it to my manager!" :-)


Papers, Theses, Tech Reports


I've been lucky to work with some really amazing students over the years. I'm often asked by people with job openings whether I have any students graduating soon, and I'm always flattered to be asked (since it's really the students' credit). To help anyone tracking the pipeline, I'm listing my students here:

Current Students (in order of expected graduation)

Former Students (reverse chronological order)

(BTW, if you're my former student and want a link to your webpage here (or need it updated), please let me know!)

Software, Benchmarks, Data Sets, etc.

Recent Research Support Acknowledgments

I've been fortunate to have strong support for my research, from both industry and government funding sources. Some sources request that their funding be acknowledged; others don't. I am listing some recent research support here. (If you funded me and don't want me to list you, or if you want to be linked, or a logo displayed, please let me know!) A big THANK YOU to these folks who help make my research possible!

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