Enrolment Restrictions

Enrolment Restrictions

Enrolment restrictions may apply to certain CPSC courses, and for admission to a CPSC specialization (degree program).  For promotions and admissions based on May 2016 and May 2017 applications, students applying to get into year 2 of a Computer Science specialization had their GPA computed based on their previous winter session's results.  Students applying to be admitted into year 3 or 4 of a Computer Science specialization during the same period had their GPA computed based on all UBC courses taken over the past 3 years.  (The Department of Computer Science reserves the right to change these criteria.)  The same rules apply to unclassified, qualifying, diploma, and transferring students, except that their average may include courses taken outside of UBC at the discretion of the admissions committee or Program Experience Committee.

Please note that the Faculty of Science does not permit a student to repeat a passed course for higher standing.

How Will Enrollment Restrictions Be Implemented?

Unfortunately, at this time, the student information/registration system (SIS) is unable to automatically block the registration of students failing to satisfy a course's enrolment restrictions.  Periodically during the registration period, the Department will assess the academic records of the students registered in any of the courses that have enrolment restrictions with respect to GPA.  Students whose average fails to meet the minimum threshold will be removed from the course. The same applies to students who do not have the prerequisites for a course.  The Department of Computer Science enforces prerequisites.  We will make a reasonable effort to contact affected students, but it remains the student's responsibility to ensure they have met the enrolment requirements of each course.

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