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Go Global Exchange

Did you know that as a Computer Science Major, you can study at many of UBC’s partner universities?

What is Go Global?

Go Global's student exchange programs offer UBC students the opportunity to study at one of 180 partner universities, in over 35 countries abroad and in Canada. Students who are selected to participate remain registered at UBC; pay only their regular tuition or program fees and student fees to UBC; and remain eligible for UBC awards, scholarships, and financial aid. Students pursue academic programs that are planned in consultation with their faculties.

Most Go Global students study abroad in their third year.  Figure out the best term(s) for going on exchange by mapping out your degree and asking yourself:

  • What program requirements for my degree could I complete abroad?
    • Note that you are not limited to CPSC courses;  many elective credits can be completed abroad.  For example, some CPSC students take Arts courses that deal with the geography or history of a partnering school's location.  In other cases, CPSC students may wish to capitalize on the strengths found in the partner's Computer Science program, especially if similar courses are not offered by UBC CPSC.  In many cases, such courses will transfer.
  • What credits would I have to fulfill at UBC after my exchange?
  • What are the starting and ending dates for a session at the partnering school?

Find out more at UBC's Go Global Web site: