Winter Term 1 2016W: September 6, 2016 - December 2, 2016

501101Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computability (jointly taught with CPSC 421)
- Breadth course for Theory
MWF8:00-9:00DMP 110Nick Harvey
506101Complexity of Computation
-Breadth course for Theory
MW9:00-10:30DMP 101Anne Condon
509101Programming Language Principles
-Breadth course for Software Engineering & Programming Languages
MW13:30-15:00DMP 101Ron Garcia
524101Computer Graphics: Modeling
-Breadth course for Graphics & Vision
MW12:00-13:30DMP 101Alla Sheffer
536F101Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Algorithmic Game Theory
- Breadth Course for Interdisciplinary Area
TR14:00-15:30DMP 101Hu Fu
538B101Topics in Computer Systems: Distributed Systems
- Breadth course for Systems Breadth
TR11:00-12:30DMP 101Ivan Beschastnikh
538G/513101Topics in Computer Systems: Introduction to Formal Verification and Analysis  
- Breadth for Interdisciplinary Area
MW10:30-12:00DMP 101Mark Greenstreet


Winter Term 2 2016W: January 3, 2017 - April 6, 2017

500201Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and Analysis (jointly taught with CPSC 420)
-Breadth course for Theory
MWF14:00-15:00DMP 110William Evans
505201Image Understanding I: Image Analysis
- Breadth CourseGraphics and Vision
TR11:00-12:30DMP 110Jim Little
507201Software Engineering
- Breadth course for Software Engineering & Programming Languages
TR11:00-12:30DMP 101Reid Holmes
530P201Topics in Information Processing: Sensorimotor Computation
-Breadth course for Interdisciplinary Area
MW10:30-12:00DMP 101Dinesh Pai
532P201Topics in AI: Statistical Relational AI
- Depth Course
MW11:30-1:00ICCS 206David Poole
536N201Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Algorithms That Matter
-Breadth course for Theory
MF12:00-1:30FSC 1003Nick Harvey
538W201Topics in Systems: Data at Scale
- Breadth course for Systems
MW9:00-10:30ICCS 206Andrew Warfield
540201Machine Learning
Tutorial (T2A):  F 16:00-17:30 DMP 110

- Breadth course for Data Management and Analysis
MW16:00-17:30DMP 110Mark Schmidt


Topics in Numerical Computation: Convex analysis and optimization
- Depth Course
MW9:00-10:30DMP 101Michael Friedlander
547201Information Visualization
- Breadth for Interdisciplinary Area
TR15:30-17:00DMP 101Tamara Munzner
554M201Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Personalization
- Breadth Course for HCI
TR9:30-11:00DMP 101Joanna McGrenere