Winter Term 1: Wednesday September 5, 2018  November 30, 2018

501101Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computability (jointly taught with CPSC 421)
- Breadth course forTheory
MWF3:00-4:00DMP 110Nick Harvey
505101Image Understanding I: Image Analysis Cancelled Jim Little
507101Software Engineering
- Breadth course for Software Engineering and Programming Languages
F9:00-12:00ICCS 246Reid Holmes
509101Programming Language Principles
- Breadth course for Software Engineering and Programming Languages
MW3:00-4:30DMP 201Ron Garcia
513101Introduction to Formal Verification and Analysis
- Breadth course for Interdisciplinary Area
TR3:30-5:00ICCS 246Alan Hu
531H101Topics in Theory of Computation: Machine Learning Theory
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
MW12:00-1:30DMP 101Nick Harvey
532M101Topics in AI: Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining (jointly taught with CPSC 340)
- Breadth course for Data Management and Analysis
  • 532M is an introductory ML for graduate credit.  If students would like to take this course, they should register for 532M in term 1.
    532M (1W1) waitlist
  • If students would like an introductory ML for undergrad credit, they should register for 340 in term 2.  (CPSC 340 seats in term 1 are reserved for undergrads to ensure that undergrads have an opportunity to take the course as well.)
    340 (1W1) waitlist

If no seats are available, students should register for the associated wait list.

MWF4:00-5:00MCML 166Mark Schmidt
532W / 539W101Topics in AI:  Probabilistic Programming (cross-listed with CPSC 539W)
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
TR2:00-3:30ICCS 246Frank Wood
534L101Topics in Data Management: Social and Information Networks
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
TR9:30-11:00DMP 101Laks Lakshmanan
535P101Topics in Simulation and Optimization:  Digital Humans
- Breadth course for Graphics and Vision
MW1:30-3:00DMP 101Dinesh Pai
536F101Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: ALGO GAME THEORY
- Breadth coursefor Theory
TR2:00-3:30DMP 101Hu Fu
542F101Topics in Numerical Computation: Convex analysis and optimization
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
TR3:30-5:00DMP 101Michael Friedlander
543101Physical User Interface Design and Evaluation
Lab: L1A: W 10:00-11:30 FSC 2330
- Breadth courseforHCI
- This course is offered to specific students
M11:00-2:00FSC 2330Karon Maclean
544101Human-Computer Interaction
- Breadth courseforHCI
TR11:00-12:30FSC 2330Joanna McGrenere


Winter Term 2: January 2, 2019 - April 4, 2019

500201Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and Analysis (jointly taught with CPSC 420)
- Breadth course forTheory
MWF1:00-2:00DMP 110Hu Fu
503201Computational Linguistics I
- Breadth course for Computational Intelligence
MW1:30-3:00ICCS 246Giuseppe Carenini
504201Data Management
- Breadth course for Data Management and Analysis
WF9:00-10:30FSC1617Rachel Pottinger
508201Operating Systems
- Breadth Course for Systems
TR11:00-12:30ICCS 246Margo Selter
521201Parallel Algorithms & Architecture
- Breadth course for Computer Systems and Design
MW10:30-12:00DMP 101Mark Greenstreet
522201Artificial Intelligence II
- Breadth course for Computational Intelligence


ICCS 246David Poole
524201Computer Graphics: Modeling
- Breadth coursefor Graphics and Vision
MF10:30-12:00ICCS 246Alla Sheffer

530L  /532L

201Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence for Social Impact (cross-list with CPSC 532L)
- Depth course (not a breadth course)

NOTE: Students must register in the waitlist section CPSC 530L Sec 2W1
TR2:00-3:30ICCS 246Kevin Leyton-Brown
530K201Topics in Information Processing: Digital Learning (Innovation in Learning) - Cancelled cancelled Gregor Kiczales
532C / 554C201Topics in Artificial Intelligence: User-Centered AI (cross-list with CPSC 554C)
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
 cancelled Cristina Conati
532S201Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Vision & Language
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
TR9:30-11:00DMP 101Leonid Sigal
536J201Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Linear Algebra in Theory and Algorithms
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
MWF9:00-10:00ICCS 246Joel Friedman/Nick Harvey
536S201Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Combinatorial Optimization
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
MW1:30-3:00DMP 101Bruce Shepherd
538B201Topics in Computer Systems: Topics in Distributed Systems
- Breadth course for Systems
TR9:30-11:00MCLD 220Ivan Beschastnikh
539B201Topics in Programming Languages:  Compiler Theory
- Breadth course forSoftware Engineering and Programming Languages
MWF3:00-4:00ICCS 246William Bowman
540201Machine Learning
- Breadth course for Data Management & Analysis
Tutorial T2A: M 5:00-6:00 in DMP 110
  • CPSC 540 is *not* an introductory course.  Only students who have (or will have) completed CPSC 340 or CPSC 532M or an equivalent rigorous introduction to ML (not just a MOOC) should register.
MWF4:00-5:00DMP 110Mark Schmidt
554K201Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Designing for People Project
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
Start: Wed 3 January, 2019
End:   Wed 19 June, 2019
W10:00-12:00FSC 2330

Mike Van der Loos
Karon Maclean
Dongwook Yoon

554Y201Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Designing Novel Interaction Techniques
- Depth course (not a breadth course)
TR2:00-3:30FSC 2330Dongwook Yoon