Winter Term 1 2014W

500101Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and AnalysisTR9:30-11:00DMP 201David Kirkpatrick
501101Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computability (cross list with CPSC 421)MWF8:00-9:00DMP 301Joel Friedman
503101Computational Linguistics ITR11:00-12:30DMP 201Giuseppe Carenini
513101Integrated Systems DesignTR3:30-5:00ICCS 206Alan Hu
524101Computer Graphics: ModelingTR2:00-3:30DMP 101Alla Sheffer
534L101Topics in Data Management:  Social ComputingMW9:30-11:00DMP 101Laks Lakshmanan
540101Machine LearningMW3:30-5:00AERL 120Mark Schmidt
544101Human-Computer Interaction (crosslisted with 344)
Students must register for the lab section and one of the waiting list sections for the tutorial.
TR9:30-11:00MCLD 254Jessica Dawson
547101Information VisualizationMW12:30-2:00DMP 201Tamara Munzner


Winter Term 2 2014W

504201Data ManagementTR11:00-12:30ICCS 206Rachel Pottinger
505201Image Understanding I: Image AnalysisTR11:00-12:30DMP 101Jim Little
509201Programming Language PrinciplesMW2:00-3:30ICCS 206Ron Garcia
526201Computer AnimationMW11:00-12:30DMP 201Michiel van de Panne
536N202Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Randomized Algorithms (Breadth Course for Theory)MW11:00-12:30ICCS 206Nick Harvey
538B201Topics in Computer Systems: Distributed Systems (Breadth Course for Systems)TR2:00-3:30DMP 101Ivan Beschastnikh
554M201Topics in Human Computer Interaction Universal Usability, CSCW, and Personalization (Breadth Course for HCI)TR9:30-11:00ICCS X360Joanna McGrenere