Winter Term 1 2011W

501101Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and ComputabilityMWF8:00-9:00DMP 301Joel Friedman
502101Artificial Intelligence ITR9:30-11:00DMP 101Giuseppe Carenini
504101Data ManagementMW3:30-5:00FSC 1002Laks Lakshmanan
505101Image Understanding I: Image AnalysisMW11:00-12:30DMP 201Jim Little
507101Software EngineeringTR2:00-3:30DMP 101Eric Wohlstadter
509101Programming Language PrinciplesTR11:00-12:30DMP 101Ronald Garcia
513101Integrated Systems DesignTR3:30-5:00ICCS 206Alan Hu
515101Computational RoboticsTR2:00-3:30ICCS 206Ian Mitchell
521101Parallel Algorithms & ArchitectureMW12:30-2:00DMP 201Alan Wagner
526101Computer AnimationF9:30-12:30ICCS 206Michiel van de Panne
101Topics in AI: Adaptive User Interfaces  crosslisted with 554C: Topics in HCI: Adaptive User Interfaces W12:30-3:30FSC 1002Cristina Conati
532L101Topics in AI:  Multiagent SystemMW3:30-5:00ICCS 206Kevin Leyton Brown
533C101Topics in Graphics:  VisualizationMW3:30-5:00DMP 101Tamara Munzner
534P101Topics in Data Management: Metadata ManagementMW2:00-3:30DMP 101 (first class only)
ICCS 206
Rachel Pottinger
540101Machine Learning IITR11:00-12:30DMP 110Nando de Freitas
542G101Topics in Numerical Computation:Introduction to Numerical Methods (breadth course)MW9:30-11:00ICCS 206Uri Ascher
544101Human-Computer Interaction (crosslisted with 344) TR
FSC 1221
Karon MacLean


Winter Term 2 2011W

500201Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and AnalysisMW9:30-11:00DMP 201Will Evans
514201Computer Graphics: RenderingTR3:30-5:00DMP 101Wolfgang Heidrich
517201Sparse Matrix ComputationTR2:00-3:30ICCS 206Chen Greif
522201Artificial Intelligence IIWF12:30-2:00ICCS 206David Poole
524201Computer Graphics: ModelingMW11:00-12:30DMP 201Alla Sheffer
525201Image Understanding II: Scene AnalysisMW2:00-3:30DMP 101David Lowe
535Z201Topics in Simulation and Optimization (Reproducibility) Breadth CourseTH3:30-5:00ICCS 206Ian Mitchell, Dhavide Aruliah
536H201Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Empirical Algorithmics  TR11:00-12:30ICCS 104Holger Hoos
536N202Topics in Algorithms and Complexity:  Randomized Algs Breadth CoursesTR9:30-11:00DMP 101Nick Harvey
538E201Topics in Computer Systems:  Computer Architecture Breadth Course - starts Jan 9MW12:30-2:00ICCS 304Mark Greenstreet
538W201Topics in Computer Systems: Online Privacy Breadth CourseTR9:30-11:00ICCS 206Andy Warfield
543201Physical User Interface Design and EvaluationTR11:00-12:30ICCS X360Karon MacLean
545201Algorithms for BioinformaticsTR2:00-3:30DMP 101Irmtraud Meyer
546201Numerical OptimizationMW2:00-3:30ICCS 206Michael Friedlander