Mark Crowley

Curriculum Vitae

  • PhD Candidate Computer Science, UBC, Vancouver, Canada, 2005-present.
  • MSc Computer Science, UBC, Vancouver, Canada, 2005. 
  • BA Computer Science, York University, Toronto, Canada, 1999.


artificial intelligence
reasoning under uncertainty
game theory
first-order probabilistic modeling
graphical models
computational sustainability


My research focuses on the problem of planning in large scale, spatial-temporal domains where there is uncertainty and complex dynamics. A good example is forestry planning where many decisions must be made each year about which trees to cut and which parts of the forest to manage in other ways. This problem is complex already due to its scale but it becomes even more difficult when the dynamics of the system lead to high levels of uncertainty and spatial interrelation. This is occurring now in BC with the unprecedented outbreak of Mountain Pine Beetle which are killing most of the pine in BC and are beginning to spread into Alberta. Current methods used in Forestry planning do not deal well with the true uncertainty and spatial interrelation present in the world. I am attempting to apply the strengths of AI techniques in probabilistic modeling, decision theoretic planning and stochastic simulation to develop a general framework that can feasibly perform planning in complex spatial-temporal domains such as these.

Selected Publications

Representation and Reasoning in Large Scale, Spatial-Temporal Planning Problems. Graduate Student Symposium, Canadian Conference in Artificial Intelligence in Windsor, 2008. Awarded Best Paper.

Mark Crowley, Brent Boerlage and David Poole. Adding Local Constraints to Bayesian Networks. Z. Kobti and D.Wu editors, Canadian AI 2007, LNAI2007, pp344-355. Montreal, 2007. Springer-Verlag.

Shielding against conditioning side effects in graphical models. Master's thesis, University of British Columbia, October 2005.

Mark Crowley and David Poole. Policy Gradient Planning for Environmental Decision Making with Existing Simulators. Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Conference on Artificial Intelligence , Special Track on Computational Sustainability and AI.(AAAI-11). San Francisco, 2011.

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