Snow Policy

UBC Snow Policy 68 outlines how to handle most snow situations.

Information regarding university closures is posted on the UBC home page at This website is the authorative site for information. This information may also be communicated to radio station CKNW 980 by 6:00 a.m.  Faculty and students should use these resources to determine if classes are running.

If the University declares that the campus is closed, except for those people designated as essential services, staff are not expected to come to work and they will receive their regular pay. Staff should note that although classes may be cancelled, the university may not be closed and the department will remain open and staff are expected to come to work.  Members of staff who have not been designated as essential services may choose to stay at home under this circumstance, and may arrange with their administrative head of unit to make up the time (if scheduling permits), take a vacation day or to take the day off without pay.  Staff should call their supervisors to advise them of their decision to stay home.