Explaining undergrad research at the poster competition

Undergrad Poster Competition Winners Announced!

The 2nd annual CS undergrad poster competition was held on Tuesday, January 18th.

A big thanks go to all those who helped organize the event, and to our judges: Will, Chen, and Karon!

Congratulations go to:

Co-winners for “Judge’s Choice”
(a tie for best poster, $125 prize money each):

  • Juliette Link: “Parameter Selection in Keyboard-Based Dialog Boxes”, Supervisors: Joanna McGrenere & Kelly Booth 
  • Louise Oram: “Variable Friction in Touchscreen Interaction”, Supervisor: Karon MacLean
Winner in “People’s Choice” category
(voted on by the attendees, $250 prize money):

  • Maria Ivanova: “Reclaiming Your Data”, Supervisor: Andrew Warfield 
Runner-up, both in the “Best Poster” category and in the “People’s Choice” category:
  • Joel Ferstay: “Application of a Non-linear Autoassociator to Breast Cancer Diagnosis”, Supervisor: Kim Voll 
We also thank and acknowledge the remainder of our presenters and their supervisors:
  • Jessica Dawson: “Ephemeral Paths: Temporal Highlighting of Subgraphs”, Supervisors: Joanna McGrenere & Tamara Munzner 
  • Andre Malan (a full poster was displayed, but Andre handled Q&A and discussed it from New Zealand using Skype and a laptop): “Using Game Design Theory as a Framework for Course Design”, Supervisor: Kim Voll 
  • Jre Sarenac: “NOVA—Inattentional Blindness”, Supervisor: Ron Rensink 
  • Qingchen Wang, “Optimal Dynamic Clustering Through Relegation and Promotion:  How to Design a Competitive Sports League”, Supervisor: Martin Puterman (Commerce)